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2 month travel- starting in London

I am currently in London headed for a 2 month trip through Europe. Couple questions:
1- What is the cheapest way to get off the island? Arrival city is not important, wherever i arrive is where i will begin my journey.

2- I have a 2 month global railpass for consecutive travel, what is the cheapest and easiest way to utilize the trains? I got my railmap with the pass and i am confused because it seems you have more fees everytime you get on a train. I understand the night trains but is there really surcharges every time you board a train?????

Krakow - Budapest - Belgrade

Hello everyone!

I am planning a huge trip starting December the 16th.
Thou I’ve ran in some problems while searching the cheapest possible way,as my budget is very tight. As I’ve understood, the best way to get there is by train.
I’m currently trying to find train Krakow – Budapest, that departs in morning/afternoon on 18.12 and train Budapest – Belgrade, that’d leave on 19th December around 1pm. Basically – daytime trains.
Also, a big problem is the fares – I’ve stumbled across quite few variations, that goes from 27e up to 100e and more.

First Eurotrip Help...

My girlfriend and I are doing our first Eurotrip next summer and could use all the advice we can get. We would be traveling May 25 until June 21, so roughly 28 days. We want to fly into Dublin, make our way over to England, and head to Italy, stopping in various countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. With a 28 day trip, is it feasible to Fly into Dublin, travel to England, then to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and finally Italy, then fly back to the United States from Italy?

One thing I hear a lot is not to “cram”.

New Years

Does anyone know if public transport runs on New Year’s day (Jan 1)? I’ll be in Vienna and am just curious. . .

rail tickets budapest>prague

hey guys,

quick question about purchasing rail tickets.

heading to europe end of sept beginning of oct, going to hit oktoberfest then travel around a bit. we bought rail tickets through (the super savers) from munich to budapest, no problem at all. However, the next leg of our trip is rail from budapest > prague, and we are trying to figure out if we should buy tickets here on raileurope (or equivalent), or wait until we are in budapest.

Backpacking Itinerary (Eurail)

I am planning a backpacking trip in Europe and I am going to buy the Global Pass…I am planning to only visit the capital cities of about 15 countries and I was wondering if it would be possible to visit a different city each day??? I was hoping to cover 15 countries in 15 days…is this impossible?

Can you please review my itinerary and/or give me transportation tips?

My friend and I are going to Europe for 14 days and we had the following itinerary in mind. Please let me know what you think. I know it might seem a bit rushed but we would love to squeeze this all in. Also Euro Rail seems a touch expensive but I am wondering if it is our best bet. We are definitely budget-minded but time is a bigger concern as we want to do as much justice as possible to each place.

what would be the best ticket to purchase?

My friend and I are going travelling for 10 days around europe the main cities we want to go to are barcelona, venice with a day trip to milan, nice, and amsterdam and maybe berlin, so thats 4 or 5 countries. I was thinking of getting the 5 country pass how does that one work or is there cheaper tickets ? as i dont really understand how all the tickes work. I live in london so will it be easier to catch one of the trains to my first stop and is that easy to book and look at schedules.