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How to Book an Overnight Train Seat Reservation WITH a Rail Pass?!

I have a German Twin Rail Pass for travel around Germany this March. I will be traveling from Basel (btw, is it Basel SBB train station? or Basel Bad bf station? that is included in my German Rail Pass) to Cologne and would like to do this leg on an overnight train (the City Nightline Train) to save on hotel costs. If my German Rail pass will cover the cost of the train tickets, how do I go about booking a seat reservation separately?

Do I need a rail pass???

My husband and I are going to Europe for 23 days in May. We have a travel schedule, but don’t know if a rail pass will save more $$. Please give us some suggestions.

Train seat reservations

My girlfriend and I have just finished booking pretty much everything for our upcoming eurotrip this august !!!! We have booked our hotels and hostels and 2 inter-europe flights for longer trips. We have also bought an Eurail pass for the other trips. We bought the 3 country 6 days pass (even if we will be having 7 train trips, one will be very cheap).

My question is : should we reserve seats for train trips that only go daily (like the Barcelona to Nice or the Nice to Genova). Should we reserve them today or wait to reserve them when we arrive in the cities from which we leave ?

9 person, 13 night euro trip - everything planned...except transport!

So, we decided to ditch our travel agent because she was NO help. She just wanted to put us on a cruise ship. Instead, we took up the task and booked 4 nights in Munich, 5 nights in Florence and 4 nights in Rome for 9 people. So, everything is done except transportation.

It would be a simple matter of buying point to point rail tickets to our destinations, except that our group wants to do different things while we are in our locations.

Have I been scammed?

Has anyone bought a rail pass through the eurotrip website? If so how long did it take to arrive in the mail? It’s been over a week since I’ve ordered my group’s pass, and so far nothing has arrived. We leave in two days. I’m worried. I have contacted eurotrip’s rail address twice so far and have not gotten a response even though my account was promptly charged at the time of purchase. The customer service address will not accept mail. Have I been scammed? Please, any feedback is welcome. This is a great site, so I really hope the pass arrives tomorrow and that I’m just paranoid.

Rail Pass question-London - East Europe-Paris

Leaving April 1 to London to meet up with friends. Then flying or train to Amsterdam. then-Berlin-Prague-Austria-Venice-Rome-Swiss-Paris by April 25. What pass should I get? I’m thinking the global eurail 15 or 21 day? Suggestions…

Not understanding the EuroRail Pass

I am looking for the budget transportation, travel from 13 September 2009 for 34 days: Frankfurt-Berlin-Munich-Venice-Rome-Florence-Milan-Zurich-Berne-Geneva-Paris-Brussel-Amsterdam-Frankfurt.

The proposed Eurail pass is
Eurail 5 Country Benelux/France/Germany/Italy/Switzerland 15 Day 1st Class Adult Select Saver pass.
But i am still not really understand the meaning of the Eurail pass. I able to travel for 15 days without any ticket fees for inter city or inter country? And how about inter city? Another ticket to purchase for inter city?
Anyone can advice me?

Have GlobalPass... now they want me to pay for reservations?

I’m about to head to Europe for the first time and was planning on travelling around using a rail pass. So I bought a 15 day global pass, and now I’m starting to look into the individual trains.

So for the first train I’ll be taking, from Paris to Madrid (overnight). They are asking me to pay an additional $124 reservation fee, plus $46 in booking fees (w/ raileurope). This seems absolutely crazy, I mean I understand that I’ll have to pay more for a couchette…

Itinerary Help needed - France, Italy 14 days


I’m planning my first backpacker trip to Europe, and need advice on my itinerary. I have roughly 14 days to spend in France and Italy (followed by a week or so in the UK, then back to Paris for flight home).

I would prefer to visit Paris at the end of the week, say a Wednesday to a Sunday, instead of being there over a weekend, and monday, tuesday, since a lot of the must-see museums are closed on either a monday or a tuesday.

The other requirement is that I have to be in Rome over a weekend; a friend is joining me from London, and that’s only possible over a weekend.

FRANCE AND ITALY Rail pass opotions?????

I want to travel by rail from Paris to Naples with about four city stops on the way. Is there a France -Italy rail pass for european students?? I’ve only found the eurail pass, which i think is non europeans? Is this correct? Can someone help me out there??