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Help with Railpass and tickets combination

I’m in need of some help regarding train traveling, railpasses and tickets.

The train routes of the trip are:
Rome – Vernazza – Venice – Munich – Gimmelwald
and then
London – Bruges – Paris

I’m having trouble coming up with the best railpass and tickets combination.

We’re traveling overnight between Venice and Munich. Within this segment we have to pass through Austria.

The problem is there’s no 6 country railpass. It might have just solved it. So I don’t know what’s the best way around it.

Should I just get the Eurail Global pass for 10 days within 2 months?

Need advice on RailPass: Netherlands-Germany-Czech

Hi All,

I’m going away to Europe in June for 16 days with this rough itinerary:

Amsterdam: 3 days

Dusseldorf: 1 night

Rhine Valley (Bonn – Mainz) via ferry: 2 days

Stuttgart: 1 days

Munich: 3 days

Prague: 3 days

Budapest: 3 days

What would be the best railpass to use? I’ve done some research and I think getting the regional Germany-Czech pass would probably be the most practical. Other than this pass, the only other train tickets would be from Amsterdam- Dusseldorf and from Prague-Budapest.

More importantly, how many days should I get the railpass for?

Eurail selectpass is enough for transportation?

First time travelers here! My buddy and I are going to Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Seville, Amsterdam, and Bruges this May 25 – June 25. I want to purchase the eurail 4 country 10 days/2 month selectpass. I don’t want to fly within europe. Ten days for eurail just doesn’t seem enough for a month trip, especially since we’ll need transportation within the cities. What about travel within countries?

P.S. what’s this talk about reservations for some trains? and how do we get sleepers? are they included in the selectpass deal?


Switzerland pass

I’m going with a class trip to Switzerland in May and they require that i purchase a Swisspass for the 8 days that we are there. This is for the convenience of being allowed to use any transportation network in Switzerland so we can just hop on and hop off whenever. However, I will be travelling around Europe for approx. 2 months and was considering buying a global pass, so I was wondering how (or if it was possible) i could buy the travel pass that’s exclusively for Switzerland’s inner train and transportation networks, and not have to buy the Swiss rail pass.