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Have GlobalPass... now they want me to pay for reservations?

I’m about to head to Europe for the first time and was planning on travelling around using a rail pass. So I bought a 15 day global pass, and now I’m starting to look into the individual trains.

So for the first train I’ll be taking, from Paris to Madrid (overnight). They are asking me to pay an additional $124 reservation fee, plus $46 in booking fees (w/ raileurope). This seems absolutely crazy, I mean I understand that I’ll have to pay more for a couchette…

Is it possible to buy Rail passes in Europe?

Iv left it a bit late with gettin my Eurail/interrail global pass.

Does anyone know if you can buy them once in Europe at the station?

Im a UK resident.


Itinerary Help needed - France, Italy 14 days


I’m planning my first backpacker trip to Europe, and need advice on my itinerary. I have roughly 14 days to spend in France and Italy (followed by a week or so in the UK, then back to Paris for flight home).

I would prefer to visit Paris at the end of the week, say a Wednesday to a Sunday, instead of being there over a weekend, and monday, tuesday, since a lot of the must-see museums are closed on either a monday or a tuesday.

The other requirement is that I have to be in Rome over a weekend; a friend is joining me from London, and that’s only possible over a weekend.

FRANCE AND ITALY Rail pass opotions?????

I want to travel by rail from Paris to Naples with about four city stops on the way. Is there a France -Italy rail pass for european students?? I’ve only found the eurail pass, which i think is non europeans? Is this correct? Can someone help me out there??

I have two itineraries for 3 months.. help

I bought my rail pass. (15 travel day in 2 months, flexisaver)
My brother and I are flying into london on may 27th and out of london august 28th. we want to party and see alot on the cheap. cheap fun is optimum but running with the bulls, the Louvre and prague are a must. Ive set up an itinerary that would put us near pamplona in early july for the bulls and see everything else. but is it too much, or am i missing greatness somewhere. please help with any ideas. here is the itinerary:

amsterdam 7days
berlin 7days
munich 7days
bern/interlokken 4days