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How early should I make train, car, hostel reservations?

Hi everyone,

My 5 week trip to Europe starts on May 22nd. My first train trip will be on May 25th. My first car rental will probably fall around June 5th.

How early should I make the following reservations? – Train reservations for travel in Spain, France and Italy? My concern is if I wait too late (like end of April), I might not be able to get seats.

Reservations for Overnight Trains

Hi all,

Hope you’re all enjoying late winter’s day wherever you are (except for those of y’all in the southern hemisphere)!

My question concerns overnight trains, and the costs of reservations.

As an example, I was just on looking at passholder reservations prices for an overnight train (well, 2 trains, when you account for the connection) between Prague and Brussels. The price I was quoted for the trains varied, depending on whether or not I used the Thalys between Cologne and Brussels, between $326 and $402 (USD).

Eurail pass or point to point tickets? Please help

Hello, I am arriving in Zurich July 8 at 6:30 PM and will be returning to New Orleans on August 18. I am trying to determine if its cheaper to get all point to point tickets or maybe a flexi eurail pass or perhaps a regional pass. Please look at the trip i planned out already:


I am traveling alone on the first leg of my trip, and then meeting a friend in frieburg Germany and we will be traveling together from then on. The planner messed up some of the nights so the days are not accurate prior to the flight into Frankfurt.

Last Minute Questions

Hey everyone!

My group and I are on our last leg. Finals are coming to a close and we have roughly a month before we leave (May 24th). Just before we leave I wanted to touch base on a few questions I still have; everyone has been a great help and I’m very greatful. You’ve made this much less stressing for me.

1. Should I book my first hostel now? Or a few weeks before leaving? and Should I book any hostels further into the trip?

*2. The Eurostar Chunnel ticket is quite expensive, is it ok to get economy 2nd class? The fallouts are no refunds or lounge use.

More questions about DB Bahn

I’m happy to have found this site and am desperately looking for some informed assistance.

I’m trying to do my homework for a trip next summer to Europe. My wife and I will have Eurail Passes and I’m trying to piece together our train travel between a few destinations. Here’s my situation: I am using DB Bahn to work out the trip from Brussels to Prague with as few fees as possible.

sleeping couchette or hostel??

i’ve been reading that you can try to save money by skipping a night in a hostel, and traveling throughout the night instead. true or false?
and if true, how much does it cost to reserve a couchette on a train? how far in advance can you reserve and can you do it through germany’s deutsche bahn website, or is it best to book it once in europe at the train station itself?

Making rail reservations

I just purchased a European East Pass through (for $344 CDN)
I was advised to buy first class by others who have travelled by train in Europe.
I have a few questions:
Is it necessary to buy a first class pass to reserve a first class seat on a train? (may be obvious but just trying to figure everything out)
I would like some advice regarding reservations.

Eurail passes

Dose anyone know if you can make a train reservation with out validating your eurail pass?

I arrive in paris on the 2nd of march for 4 days and i want to make a reservation for a train ride to my next city the day i get their, is that possible without activating my pass.

Problem with Ticket Reservations. HELP!!!

So I’ve been trying to book tickets on Thalys for September 4th, 2008, from Amsterdam Centraal to Paris Nord. I’m purchasing from the states so I tried the home print and then pincode method’s. Everytime I went through to the payment and tried to process the order, I got this message (Translated by Yahoo’s Babelfish):