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Travel from Rome to Athens

Hi, I’ve been really getting into planning my trip to Europe next summer. My co-traveler and I are going hoping to see Rome and then move on to Italy — now we are scenery people so we love seeing all that Europe has to offer…what would be the suggested route to travel from Rome to Athens on a budget?

Sites to book Train Tickets

I was wondering if anyone new of some good Cheap sites where I could book point to point tickets from. I am traveling from Rome to Munich, then from Munich to Berlin, Berlin to Sweden via plane and back to Berlin, Berlin to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to Rome all by train

Rome to Barcelona


Would it be more advisable to take a flight from Rome to Barcelona or a ferry? We will have a eurrail pass… I’m assuming we could use the ferry as one of our “travel days.”

Obviously, we would like it to be as cheap as possible, and a ferry seems like it would be a little more “fun,” especially overnight. Any experience with this?

Any input would be appreciated. Cheers!

Eurail selectpass is enough for transportation?

First time travelers here! My buddy and I are going to Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Seville, Amsterdam, and Bruges this May 25 – June 25. I want to purchase the eurail 4 country 10 days/2 month selectpass. I don’t want to fly within europe. Ten days for eurail just doesn’t seem enough for a month trip, especially since we’ll need transportation within the cities. What about travel within countries?

P.S. what’s this talk about reservations for some trains? and how do we get sleepers? are they included in the selectpass deal?


Help With itinerary

Hey everyone!
New to the site, just decided to take my first backpacking trip to Europe! I have 3 weeks and will be going from June 4th-25th (+/- a few days). I will be arriving in Amsterdam and Leaving through Berlin as i have friends living in both of those places.

Rail pass and ferry issues (rome to athens)

I am planning a 20 days trip between 11th May to 31st May….rome to athens route.

ROme -> Florence (will visit Pisa also) -> Venice -> Athens -> santorini
then fly back to rome for flying back home.

I tried railsaver, its states abt buying 4D greece-italy passes (but there is no santorini in the system…so i nv add in)

But am wondering, does the rail pass include the ferry trip also ?

am looking at this ferry:

does the pass include?

First Time Going to Europe...would like advice


I’m planning my first trip to Europe and would like some advice. I’d like to visit Rome, Paris, London, Venice and Amsterdam. I’m thinking the trip will be a total of 16 days — so I’m wondering if three days in each place is enough time realistically or whether I should cut down the places I want to visit. I will say that I have family and friends in London — not sure if I need to allot more time there.

PDX-ROM March-September

I am applying for a student visa March-end of August. The best flight I have found to far is on Orbitz. for $757 March 3-September 15.
I have found something cheaper to London but they ryanair flights to Perugia don’t match up on my arrival date.

Has anyone found something better? I need to get to Perugia so Rome is closest.
Secondly, can anyone help me wout with one way flights? I could end up enrollong in more classes to extend my stay permit. The San Francisco consulate says I need round trip flight reservations, so do those appyling for a visa permit never get one way tickets?