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running of the bulls

Madrid to Pamplona-- Why so difficult?

Trying to purchase a bus ticket from Madrid to Pamplona for san fermin, because the renfe train is expensive.

I tried http://www.movelia.e… I get all the way to the Payment option and the payment never goes through.. the same happened on renfe site. My bank says it’s the websites fault.. I’m just really having trouble with simple things like booking a bus ticket being so difficult. Is there a site that actually works?

SIDE NOTE: for those looking to book on from the states, the english version of the site it <—- hope that helps.

The Fanatics

My friend and I knew we were going to Run with the Bulls in Pamplona to kick off our European adventure together. After researching and researching, I was sure that we were going to overpay for a hostel that wasn’t even guaranteed to have availability. Mind you, I began looking in February – a solid 5 months before the kick off of the festival.

Pamplona Jul 6-12


We are looking for sleeping arrangements in pamplona for a few days during San Fermin (Running of the Bulls). Besides hostels/hotels (which any suggestions of an available/cheap place would be nice), what other arrangements are there? I have heard of people sleeping in a park and/or renting tents in the city center.

Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers!

Running of the Bulls
Travelogue Entry in Pamplona, Spain