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Best cities for two 18 year old girls? 5000$(CAN) & 30 days (Inc nightlife, safety ect)

Hey! Me and one or two of my friends are planning a Euro trip to take place probably next May (2012). We want to go to the places with with best nightlife, beautiful beaches, inexpensive (for the most part), and safe. We will have about 5000$ (CAN) each and want to go for about a month.
We will for sure be going to Amsterdam (starting there) and Barcelona. Possibly going to Berlin, Cinqueterre, Florence, Ios, Croatia. Thoughts? Best cities/ places to stay away from? Must see cities for two 18 year olds looking for adventure?
Also would you recommend staying in hostels?

To bring my New DSLR camera or not to bring??

I had a question about bringing my new camera to europe.
I just got a new Sony Alpha 380 slr camera for christmas ive always wanted one and now i am trying to figure out if i should take it. and the best way to travel with it if i do decie to bring it! Im scared someone will steal it or break it or idk. anyone have any ideas or safe ways to pack my camera. and ways to carry it and my daypack without being too overpacked during the day trips?>Smile

I need help thanks
also what are some good picture taking spots you like?

First timer Slightly worried!

So i plan to go back packing across europe – just western – next summer. I was a bit worried about all the horror stories ive read so far, and wondered was their anything i could do – or avoid, when backpacking alone? Ive already rulled out night trains, as they seem to be when a lot of people get hassel, but im still worried about the stories ive heard from people being harassed in Italy by gypsies. This is where i plan to spen most of my time, so advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Chain on Your Wallet

Hey Guys,

Do you where a chain on your wallet when you go backpacking in Europe? I have one but it is bulky and it seems awkward carrying it around. I usually keep my wallet in my front pocket and it seems strange to be pulling a chain out every time I go out to buy something.

Understand Your Parents

Hello Solo Women Travelers,
After running student tours to Europe for 13 years with mostly young women with the average being 17 – 25 years of age and after posting and reading many posts on this web site, I thought I would write you a few notes and suggestions.

Please understand that your parents are just being parents and someday, you will do the same. Parents are very protective of their daughters, that they love so much, when they are wanting to leave the nest outside of their protection zone.

Safety of transportation to Casablanca

Not sure this is the right forum but hoping to get advices on transportation in and around Casablanca and to and fro to Rabat and Marrakech.
Best mode of travel?
How long does it take?