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Senior Trip

Bratislava--help plz

Im planning on visiting Bratislava in summer 2010 and would really like any info you have about the city, such as: clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, musems, historic sites, and pretty much anything you think is worth doing/seeing. thanks in advance :]

transport for my Senior trip

I was wondering what the best mode of transportation would be for my senior trip. Im going from Glasgow to Malaga, Spain with edinburgh, london, amsterdam, paris, and barcelona (in that order) between them. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. :] thank you in advance.

Need Help Planning My Senior Trip

Ok…Im planning my senior trip for 2010 when i graduate. Ill be 18 when i leave in june. The cities i wanna go to are Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Malagas(slightly revised from my other forum post). i wanna go for at least 30 days so i can spend some quality time in each city. but thats all i have so far. anyone with info about hostels(fun party hostels preferably, but any will be helpfull), clubs, pubs, bars, sights, transportation(im looking into the Eurail, but idk which would be best) and anything else you can think of that i should see or do.