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Jasna, Slovakia

I was hoping for some advice. I have a friend who will be staying the winter in Jasna, Slovakia, skiing and snowboarding. I wanted to schedule a visit sometime in mid-January. I will be flying out of NYC so I was thinking to go to either Prague or Vienna, spend 3 days and then venture to Jasna and spend 3 days skiing.. My plans are flexible and would consider other cities, I just need to get to Jasna for 3 or 4 days.. Is there one particular stopping place that would be better or more convenient for getting to Jasna?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Official program of Hanna – Hanna Art Gathering and Festival 2009

Djs, liveacts, music – bands:
ridoo (ES)
tanu tuva (HUN)
outcyber7 (PL)
mesterhazy (HUN)
lilith (ES)
dreadlock tales (FIN)
HALLUcinated Neighbour (KOS)
ninth (HUN)
Dj absorbance (KOS)
pupilla experimental (HUN)
Moonstoned (ISR)
anorganik (HUN)
funky****mafia (SK)
translovenia (SLO)
Dark El Kante (ES)
mental broadcast(Br)
planktone (HUN)
garpo (HUN)
dr analog (HUN)
vida toni (HUN)
in:formation (SK)

Train from Vienna to Kosice?

Hey there —

My wife and I want to travel by train from Vienna to Kosice on Monday, July 13th. Any advice as to how to best do this? I’ve been trying to research it online and have run into some difficulties. We’d like to leave fairly early that morning (8:00 a.m. or so) if at all possible.

What’s our best way? The Austrian railway? The Slovak rail? Something else? I was on the OBB (Austria) site earlier but it seems I need a BUSINESSCARD to purchase a ticket, and I’m not sure what that is or if I’ll able to do it from the States. What’s the best/fastest/cheapest method of going?

Krakow to Tatras to Transylvania region


I will be traveling in the beginning of June. I am going from Krakow to the Transylvania region in Romania. I would like to stop in the High Tatras for a few days. Can anyone help me with the best way to get from one place to another. I cannot seem to find a direct route. Is renting a car a realistic option? Any other info would also be helpful. Thanks

Poland to Romania

I am going to be traveling from Warsaw to Bucharest in June. I want to stop in Slovakia but I do not want to travel out of my way to Bratislava. All the info I find about Slovakia is about Bratislava. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of where would be a good place to visit. Also I will be traveling on trains. Thanks

11 days from Budapest to Vienna

Due to unavoidable bookings on either side, I’m landing flying from Istanbul to Budapest, and have 12 days before another booked flight from Vienna to St. Petersburg.

A rough plan was to basically split the time between Budapest and Vienna, with daytrips and a stopover in Bratislava on the way.

I haven’t noticed much positive feedback for Vienna here, and was wondering what advice there was for best using these 12 days.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for daytrips from Budapest but would like to hear other suggestions.

The Aggrolites European Tourdates

The Aggrolites European tour

Dirty Reggae masters The Aggrolites are back in Europe again! The tour started yesterday in the UK and will go on until the end of the month, crossing the whole continent. They will be sharing stages with Rancid and The Skatalites, just to name a few. Check out the dates for the nearest venue!


04-Nov Leeds Cockpit UK
05-Nov Nottingham Rescue Rooms UK
06-Nov Manchester Academy UK
07-Nov Oxford Academy UK

Eastern Europe, December 2008-January 2009

Hi everyone! I’m planning a solo backpacking trip (my first!) for this December/January. I got a great deal on a flight to Poland so that’s my starting point. I need some pointers on where to go/avoid and also some ideas on how over-crowded my current itinerary is looking. Help?

The dates in question are 10 December 2008 – 25 January 2009 (42 days). I need to be back in Aberdeen, Scotland for the 26th as I have classes, so I need to end up somewhere on the 25th with direct air connections to Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Right now I have:

10/12 thru 11/12 – Wroclaw, Poland