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solo woman

Is Europe really as scary as they say?

This summer I will be studying abroad in Paris with a group from my school. The program is only five weeks, but being the independent woman I am, I convinced my parents to let me travel before and after the program. (Also, I am from the USA)

I didn’t think too much of it until I ran it by a friend. When she heard the word “solo traveling,” she looked at me and told me “bad idea” and “you shouldn’t travel Europe alone.” It was hurtful and seemed almost like an attack. However, she wasn’t the only person I’ve talked to that reacted that way.

First timer Slightly worried!

So i plan to go back packing across europe – just western – next summer. I was a bit worried about all the horror stories ive read so far, and wondered was their anything i could do – or avoid, when backpacking alone? Ive already rulled out night trains, as they seem to be when a lot of people get hassel, but im still worried about the stories ive heard from people being harassed in Italy by gypsies. This is where i plan to spen most of my time, so advice would be greatly appreciated!!!