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Spain to France - Fly or Train

I am planning my first overseas trip in June / July this year. I will be doing a 5 day camp at Pamplona – running of the bulls festival. I am then wanting to travel to Paris. Would I be best to travel back to Barcelona and fly or train to Paris, or is there a train the runs through the Pamplona area?
If anyone could give some ideas I would really appreciate it.

First Timer: Summer in Europe

Hello All.

Sorry if this has been tackled time and time again but I’m starting to get things in order for my first backpacking experience. I’ve never really been out of the country (US) and I’m really looking forward to seeing something new.

Ok, I have 9 days (because of work) and I only have two “must see” places. What can you tell me about Barcelona & Amsterdam? My plan is to fly into Amsterdam for the first part of the trip and then fly down to Barcelona for the last part. I am meeting up with a friend in Barcelona- that’s why that’s on the map.

Good Deals from San Francisco to London (Europe)

I am graduating from a 4 year university and some of my friends and myself wanted to take a Eurotrip from late March (26th) to mid April (11-15th). I wanted to see if someone can help us with some information. We want to land in London and leave from Athens or Rome.

How much on average the ticket price is during that time?

What are the best website to look for deals?

Are the fare going to get cheaper?

What is the best and cheapest way of transportation within European countries ie. England, France, Italy, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, and Athens.

Is Hostel Right for Me???

Hey All,
I’m planning an off season trip to Europe next month and am wondering if a hostel would be good for me. I’m 40 years old, young at heart and ready to have a great time in Amsterdam but wondering am I too old for staying in hostels?

I’d stay in hotels but hostels are better for my budget. Also not sure but am I getting this right that private rooms can be had for only $10-15 per night? How do they do this?

Look for advice on travel between countries!

This summer (May 28-June 17) myself and two friends will be traveling to Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Athens. Our flights to and from are already booked and now I’m struggling to find the best way to get around within the countries. I think we are going to fly from Rome to Athens just to save time/energy getting there by rail. I’ve been looking at railpass but I’m not sure how much it is really going to save me.

I was hoping to take night trains when possible.

4 european citizens going on a EuroTrip

Hello, Three friends and I, all European citizens of different countries, are going on a Eurotrip this summer. We will leave from New York City around June 7th. Two people under 18 and two people over 18.
Our plan so far: Rome 3 days; Milan 3 days; Nice 7 days; Barcelona 4 days, Paris 4 days; Amsterdam 4 days; Berlin 5 days, Copenhagen 4 days, Stockholm 4 days; Oslo 4 days and end up in the North of Norway in Onoy (we have to be there by the 23rd of July).
Do you think we should get a round trip ticket from NYC to London, and then fly to rome?

Where to go

Planning on going to Paris in April/May of 2010 with my girlfriend. I have seen most of Europe already and this will be her 1st trip. We are starting in Paris and are unsure of our next two stops. 2 big things to consider are time and money of course, so i’m looking for the best value (easiest to travel to, price, stuff to see and do). Here are our choices
start in paris, then:
1. brussels, amsterdam
2. London, Edinburgh
3. Barcelona, Madrid
4. Munich, Salzburg
5. Venice, Rome

thanks for your thoughts

Smart Insider Travel Guide to Almeria (Spain)

Spain’s best kept secret hideway

Budget Help!

Hey everybody. I have a couple of questions regarding my budget for a future Eurotrip. This will be my second time traveling to Europe but this time I will be adding many new destinations. I plan on traveling for 53 days, starting from the end of May and continuing through the middle of July.

Historical Europe city advice

We are going for a month to western Europe, as follows: from Salt Lake City to London however our time in London is going to be almost free we will be staying with close family. We are budgeting about $3700 for everything. (per person-there are just two of us) these are our cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Venice, Rome, Marseilles, Barcelona, Madrid, London
We will be backpacking and staying in hostels. The trip is to see Europe-not party or hook up.