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Christmas in Spain?

Hi, I’m going to be backpacking around Europe for three months and by the looks of it I’m going to be in Spain on Christmas/NYE. I’m a solo first time traveler, so I was wondering if anyone has some tips on which city to try and end up in during this period – I’m looking for some good nightlife and culture to try and avoid feeling lonely, haha.


Spain to Morocco

I’ll be in Spain in June and will be visiting Barcelona, Seville, and maybe Cordoba. We want to see Morocco as well. Any advice on transport to and from Morocco? Also, as two women traveling together, would that be any more dangerous in Morocco from anywhere in Western Europe? I appreciate any input.

10 cities in 23 days... Is this itinerary fine?

hi all,

I’ve chalked out this itinerary for 23 days in july.

It basically includes:

Barcelona- Paris- Bruges- Amsterdam – Prague – Vienna – Salzburg – Milan – Florence – Rome

Will this be too cramped? What tweaks would make it better? And how much should i be looking at in terms of budget?



First trip to France, Spain, Italy. Help wanted!


I’ve just booked flights for a three week (22 night) to Europe from Australia and I’d love some advice on where to go, stay, transport…etc. My boyfriend and I are after a good mix of culture, beach and possibly a wine tour in France or Italy for good measure!

The rough plan is:

4 days in Paris then explore beach/countryside. Maybe Nice as it will be hot?

3 days in Barcelona. We’d like to see San Sebastian or Madrid, but doubt we’ll have time on this trip.

2 days in Rome. We’d like to see Naples, and also the Amalfi Coast while in Italy.

Spain to Mykonos.. Help anyone?


I desperately need to know the best and cost efficient way to get to mykonos from Spain.
I will be attending Benicassim Festival in July and i have friends that will be in Mykonos in August.

Anyone know the best way from Spain to mykonos that wont cost an arm and a leg, and bypassing some cool places in europe?

Thanks for the help guys.

Winter Holidays in Spain

Has anyone been to Spain during the winter holidays (Christmas, New Years)? I’ll be there at the end of the year and I’m curious as to any special events, sight closures/limitations, etc.


NW Italy to Spain Ferry

Anyone know of a boat/ferry that can take me from italy to spain (barcelona.) I will be in Florence.

Best Clubs, Discos, Bars 2009

What are some can’t-miss, unique, clubs & bars in Europe?

I will be spending my time in Amsterdam, Belgium, Prague, Germany; but mostly in Italy and Spain. Any suggestions are welcome.

I am a 23-year old guy that enjoys different kinds of beer…having a good time and meeting new people if that helps any…

Segovia Aqueduct
Landmark in Segovia, Spain

Travelling in Spain-France! Itinerary ok?

I am planning to travel to Spain and then on to France in late September, early October. Please look at this itinerary and let me know if i need to:

1. Change the sequence of cities to visit.
2. Skip any city
3. Extend or shorten my stay in any city.

I also seek ways to identify how to locate a hostel close to a railway station since we will be traveling on a flexi saver pass.

Thanks in advance for your help everyone!