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Hi there!

I’ve been accepted to study at a university not far from London next winter (January to May 2012) and I’m hoping to travel around europe a bit once the semester is over. The plan is for my girlfriend to join me in London at the end of my semester and then we’d start our trip from there. I really don’t know ANYTHING about traveling around europe or how much it’d cost but I know we want to visit paris, amsterdam, berlin, and stockholm and spend about 3-4 weeks total. Additionally, we are definitely looking to travel as cheaply as possible.

Tourist Guide Stockholm

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Travelogue Entry in Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Archipelago
Travelogue Entry in Vaxholm, Sweden

SAS Scandinavian good price for summer 2009

I have an alert on Stockholm and just received a notice today of a good fare for next summer. This fare may have been around for awhile and it was just triggered for me.
I was checking Atlanta-Stockholm and could get it 15may 09 through 30aug 09 for <$1000 all in for Fixed Economy. It seems to be the sale listed on their website, but my final fare is less than promoted.

Flight offers from the US to Scandinavia and Finland for summer travel originating between May 15 – August 30, 2009.
SAS summer fares in three levels of comfort Economy, Economy Extra or Business – it’s your choice!