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five weeks in europe, what to do?

a friend and I bought round trip tickets to and from london from the end of May to July 7th. were 20, have a $5000 budget (which we dont plan on totally spending!), and are looking for a cultural/natural experience (forests, fjords, countryside etc). we’re open to any suggestions!!

Paris vs. Bordeaux (in summer)

I’m trying to decide between Paris and Bordeaux to study abroad

I’ll be there for six weeks in the summer from May to June.

Anyone have any suggestions or opinions?


Question about Summer Flights to France

Hey guys!

I was just wondering, since I’ve been looking for a ticket for about a month – is $950.00 a good price to pay for a round trip to Paris from California in Mid-June (returning mid-July: US Air). Also – are there any cities that are historicaly cheaper to fly into from California in the summer that I should be aware of?

Thanks so much for any help!