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Packing light but enough & other questions...

Hi fellow travelers,
I am a student leaving from montreal and going on a trip around France, Switzerland, and Germany in late May of 2009. I am leaving with my boyfriend and we’re staying with friends and family, so no hostels or other accomodations are needed. We are staying for 5 weeks.
I have a few questions, as this is my first trip… – What kinds of things can I leave out of my packing and purchase or borrow when in europe and what can I absolutely not leave the country without? – What is a realistic budget for me, considering we won;t be paying for accomodations?

The Aggrolites European Tourdates

The Aggrolites European tour

Dirty Reggae masters The Aggrolites are back in Europe again! The tour started yesterday in the UK and will go on until the end of the month, crossing the whole continent. They will be sharing stages with Rancid and The Skatalites, just to name a few. Check out the dates for the nearest venue!


04-Nov Leeds Cockpit UK
05-Nov Nottingham Rescue Rooms UK
06-Nov Manchester Academy UK
07-Nov Oxford Academy UK

Montreux Travel Guide

Online guide to Montreux, Switzerland

Winter 08 Switzerland itinerary

I’ve got a little too much time on my hands, but I’ve started to map out a trip I’m taking to Munich/Switzerland at year’s end. My main goals are to see Munich and to snowboard the Alps. Any thoughts/suggestions? Will I be stretching myself too thin w/this itinerary?

26 DECMUNICH – Night arrival in Munich/get settled/go out
27 DECMUNICH – Neuschwanstein castle tour
28 DECMUNICH – Dachau/city tour
29 DECZURICH – night train to DAVOS
30 DECDAVOS – snowboard
31 DECDAVOS – snowboard
2 JANINTERLAKEN – snowboard

Itinerary questions - Switzerland and Greece

I will be in Switzerland for 4.5 days this summer, traveling from Salzburg into Italy. What are the places I should definitely hit up? What would your ideal itinerary be? Right now I’m thinking Zurich – Lucerne – Lugano, but I’ve never been, so I welcome thoughts.

I will be in Greece for 4.5 days as well (flying in and out of Athens), and I’ve been told that’s a long time to spend just in Athens. So right now I’m thinking 1 day in Athens, 1 daytrip to Delphi, and then 2 days of island time. What islands are easy to get to from Athens? Are there other areas I should be checking out?