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Help with Railpass and tickets combination

I’m in need of some help regarding train traveling, railpasses and tickets.

The train routes of the trip are:
Rome – Vernazza – Venice – Munich – Gimmelwald
and then
London – Bruges – Paris

I’m having trouble coming up with the best railpass and tickets combination.

We’re traveling overnight between Venice and Munich. Within this segment we have to pass through Austria.

The problem is there’s no 6 country railpass. It might have just solved it. So I don’t know what’s the best way around it.

Should I just get the Eurail Global pass for 10 days within 2 months?

festivals/concerts Jan-June 2010

Hi! I am 21 years old, and I will be in Europe for about 6 months, based in Rome, Italy, but with a very loose schedule that allows for weekend and some weekday travel. My adventure begins in mid-January 2010 and have until mid-June 2010 to plan trips around all of Europe. I am a HUGE music enthusiast. I love all genres but I am looking for a fun, dance-friendly environment as opposed to ballets,operas, etc (I have nothing against classical music, but I am not really searching for classical concerts).

rail tickets budapest>prague

hey guys,

quick question about purchasing rail tickets.

heading to europe end of sept beginning of oct, going to hit oktoberfest then travel around a bit. we bought rail tickets through (the super savers) from munich to budapest, no problem at all. However, the next leg of our trip is rail from budapest > prague, and we are trying to figure out if we should buy tickets here on raileurope (or equivalent), or wait until we are in budapest.