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shengen visa pending...Can I Change the travel purpose

Dear Friends,
I am a foreigner living in Japan. I applied for shengen visa to participate in a conference.
My application is now in pending status (I completed finger prints, payment etc) until i submit original invitation letter from the conference organizers . The conference organizers usually send an invitation letter in PDF file. I found it difficult to get the original one from them. My question is in order to skip the Inv. letter requirement, can i change my visiting purpose to tourist?

What are your favorite places in spain?

What are the best cities to visit in Spain? What are your favorite cities and why? What are some good small and less touristy cities?

Designing a Messanger Bag: Does Color=Tourist?

Hey everyone,

So I’m selecting gear for my upcoming backpacking tour around Europe. I found a messenger bag that I’m going to be using as a daypack for my netbook, camera, jacket, snack, etc. I’ve decided on creating my own small laptop messenger bag from http://www.timbuk2.c…

I was designing the bag primarily with greys / blacks but wanted one panel to be the Spinach green color. I was wondering if this bit of slight flashy color will make me standout as more of a tourist.