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Hi everyone,

I need to find the cheapest fare for my BERLIN-PRAGUE trip on 11.9.2010 (saturday).

Im gonna stay in Berlin for 3 days (8.-11.9.) and then get back to Prague. Regular fares on this route seem to be incredibly expensive so I wonder what are the options/alternatives. I dont wanna hitchhike, but rather travel by train or bus and spend 30-35E, tops.

Thx for any information on this topic!


Help with Railpass and tickets combination

I’m in need of some help regarding train traveling, railpasses and tickets.

The train routes of the trip are:
Rome – Vernazza – Venice – Munich – Gimmelwald
and then
London – Bruges – Paris

I’m having trouble coming up with the best railpass and tickets combination.

We’re traveling overnight between Venice and Munich. Within this segment we have to pass through Austria.

The problem is there’s no 6 country railpass. It might have just solved it. So I don’t know what’s the best way around it.

Should I just get the Eurail Global pass for 10 days within 2 months?

Trouble with City Night Line

I am trying to get some info on the price of a City Night Line train from Innsbruck hbf to Venezia Santa Lucia. I have used this site (http://reiseauskunft…) to get the info on times, but they do not have any info regarding pricing. I then found the City Night Line website (http://www.citynight…), but it has been a huge headache to use.
Does anyone know where I can find pricing for this trip?

The price I am trying to get is for…
Wednesday, September 24
Innsbruck hbf —> Venezia Santa Lucia 23:05 – 06:38

Interrail and Eurail pass

I would like to know if someone has used an Interrail or Eurail pass. Im planning to travel across Europe during a month going trough Barcelona, Turin, Milan, Budapest, Belgrade, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Prague, Amsterdam and then returning to Barcelona.
I can buy a Interrail pass but i read in the web page that you cant use it in the country were you reside. I live in Uruguay, South America but i also got Italian citizenship does this mean that i cant use it in Italy?.
In the forums in here i have read that is not convenient to buy a train pass.
What do you think?
Help please.

Trip Planning

Hi I bought the 15 day EuroRail Global and now I am having trouble finding out how to make reservations…Does anyone know what the best site for this is? What the prices to expect.


Easiest or simplest way to get from Gimmelwald to Barcelona?


I am having a bit of trouble figuring out the easiest / simplest way to get from Gimmelwald to Barcelona. I don’t want it to be too time consuming. Would it be easier to take a train to a city on the way and then from there a plane to Barcelona??

Thanks in advance.

help me to plan-out tranport ideas

i was hoping someone could help me plan out what kind of transport should i take during my trip, i had been searching for the best and suitable way but turn out at the end, my mind was mix like a salad. there are different opinions as i read more.

i’ll b starting/ending my journey from either venice/ krakow. the countries which i would like to go are :
1) amsterdam
2) prague
3)edinburgh (or should i change it with copanhagen?)
4. i need ideas…

date of travelling : 4th JULY – 14 JULY.

how do I do it?

Hello everybody, I am planing to do a trip in June/July, to 47 destinations in Europe in 12 different countrys.

I guess that the best option is a two months railpass, but I don’t understand the system. Is it unlimited trips for two months? (so I could be literally be two months over a train?)

Seems as I have to fill up everytrip I make? and also does it works for all trains in the available countrys? (high speed trains for example)

and what’s the deal with booking? should I be booking also everytime I want to travel?

what’s the policy for things you can carry in those trains?

Eurail vs. Europass

My friends and I will be in Europe this summer for about 64 days. We’re flying into London, taking a boat to Dublin and from Dublin flying to Copenhagen. From there, we’re planning on taking trains covered by the Eurail to Berlin, Paris, Geneva, Nice, through Italy, to Greece, Split, Budapest, Prague, Munich, and then we’re spending the last 2 weeks of our trip traveling around Spain. What pass is less expensive and easier to plan with? This is our planned route, does this make sense to more experienced travelers?

train ticket for more than one month

Hello Eurotrippers,

I would like to know if anybody could suggest a good way of travelling Europe for 3 months. I see that inter rail tickets last for a maximum of one month. But I would like to get any advice of a ticket that would last for this length of time.

Any suggestions?