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Trying to do the math for a Eurail pass

Please help! My wife and I are planning a several week trip to Europe and we’re trying to decide whether to buy a Eurail pass for our entire journey or buy individual passes for the following schedule.

EuRail Select Pass - 3 Country 5-Day - $125

I’ve done several search queries to find a thread on this topic, but I did not come across any that mentioned the sale Eurail is having starting May 12th, 2009, which is celebrating their 50th year since instating the Eurail pass.

Munich to Interlaken


Anyone have any recommendations for the trip by rail from Munich to Interlaken. After researching on, looks like there’s minimum 2 transfers, and its about 7 hours.

Any recommendations for spending a day in between? Stopping somewhere? Seeing something? Alternative routes? This is one of the last things we have to clear up before leaving in June.

Travel dates from Amsterdam-Munich will be 21-Jun by night train (preferably).
Travel dates from Munich-Interlaken will be 25-Jun by train.

Transport around Europe

I have not really finalised any of my travel plans. Yep laziness is one of my virtues. However I know I am going to be traveling through Spain, Portugal, Across The riveria, to Italy, Throughout Italy, then Across to Crotia and perhaps Montenegro/serbia. Depends on a few things. And I’d be going from about mid june to mid august. Maybe a bit later than that. But I need to get back by the end of August.

However, I am just running around and wondering what way to get about. I see the eurorail pass is quite expensive, and may not be cheaper as I am under 26. How about interrail passes?

Eurail Pass Necessary? - AMS, BER, PRG, PAR

Hey all,

Please help – this is my first ever Eurotrip! This summer, I plan to hit 5 cities in 4 countries in 14 days. Regarding transportation within Europe, here’s what I intend to do:
1) Fly out of London during afternoon to Amsterdam via easyjet.
2) Take overnight train from Amsterdam to Berlin
3) Early morning, take a day train from Berlin to Prague
4) During the evening, take overnight train from Prague to Paris.

What type of Eurail pass should I be purchasing for this journey? I am under 26 years old.

Spain to Morocco

I’ll be in Spain in June and will be visiting Barcelona, Seville, and maybe Cordoba. We want to see Morocco as well. Any advice on transport to and from Morocco? Also, as two women traveling together, would that be any more dangerous in Morocco from anywhere in Western Europe? I appreciate any input.

Train from Athens to Berlin

I am traveling to Athens and would like to stop over in Berlin on my way to Stockholm where I reside. What tips can you give me to travel by train from Athens to Berlin? I am planning on departing May 15th for that weekend. Thanks!

Train from Krakow to Berlin

Can anybody help me how to find out ticket prices from Krakow to berlin via train? My wife and I planning our eurotrip this month. which site should I go to find out about this info, does anybody know?
Thank a bunch…

has anyone ever booked with DB BAHN?

Okay so the other day I booked a train from München to Amsterdam. I just realized this ‘small’ detail today:
Station/Stop Date Time Platform Products
München Hbf Fr, 05.06.09 dep 06:20 23 ICE 886 Intercity-Express
Hannover Hbf Fr, 05.06.09 arr 10:32 8
Hannover Hbf Fr, 05.06.09 dep 10:40 12 IC 148 Intercity
Bicycles conveyed – subject to reservation, Number of bicycles conveyed limited, Please reserve, Bordbistro
Amsterdam Zuid Fr, 05.06.09 arr 15:02 4