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Rome to Athens

I have been able to plan most of my trip to Europe but I have run in to problems trying to figure out the best means of travel between Rome and Athens. I know the cities are somewhat far apart but I absolutely need to have time in Greece! Any tips or information on how to get there from Rome would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Train or Fly?

London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich

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This summer (May 28-June 17) myself and two friends will be traveling to Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Athens. Our flights to and from are already booked and now I’m struggling to find the best way to get around within the countries. I think we are going to fly from Rome to Athens just to save time/energy getting there by rail. I’ve been looking at railpass but I’m not sure how much it is really going to save me.

I was hoping to take night trains when possible.

Granada to Oslo

Hi Everyone!
I am planning on going from Granada to Oslo around June 1st, 2010. It is really expensive to go from the airport in Granada so I have been thinking about taking a bus or train to another city then fly to Oslo from there. So far the best I’ve found is the bus from Granada to Malaga and then a flight to Oslo. I would welcome ANY suggestions. The most important thing to me is cost. I don’t mind longer bus rides or train transfers. I have friends in Norway so it doesn’t matter which airport I fly into.
Thank you in advance!

Central London to Brussels

Please advice on the best way of transportation from London to Brussels. Links to travel sites or train services in between the cities would be good enough.

Departure either this week or next week. It will be a same day trip going around 8 am and returning around 8 pm.
Client is flexible on the day of meeting. I am told the cheapest day to travel is from Tue to Thurs, is that a true statement?