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Easiest or simplest way to get from Gimmelwald to Barcelona?


I am having a bit of trouble figuring out the easiest / simplest way to get from Gimmelwald to Barcelona. I don’t want it to be too time consuming. Would it be easier to take a train to a city on the way and then from there a plane to Barcelona??

Thanks in advance.

Help! Trying to figure out cheapest, most efficent way to travel in Europe

I am planning a 7 country trip May 4-27th. I need advice on the cheapest and most efficient way to travel between these countries.

Gare de Lyon
Landmark in Paris, France
Gare du Nord
Landmark in Paris, France

barcelona to venice

what do you think is the best way to get to venice? would it be smarter to fly than take connecting trains? thanks for your help

Rome to Barcelona


Would it be more advisable to take a flight from Rome to Barcelona or a ferry? We will have a eurrail pass… I’m assuming we could use the ferry as one of our “travel days.”

Obviously, we would like it to be as cheap as possible, and a ferry seems like it would be a little more “fun,” especially overnight. Any experience with this?

Any input would be appreciated. Cheers!

Spain to Morocco

I’ll be in Spain in June and will be visiting Barcelona, Seville, and maybe Cordoba. We want to see Morocco as well. Any advice on transport to and from Morocco? Also, as two women traveling together, would that be any more dangerous in Morocco from anywhere in Western Europe? I appreciate any input.

transport for my Senior trip

I was wondering what the best mode of transportation would be for my senior trip. Im going from Glasgow to Malaga, Spain with edinburgh, london, amsterdam, paris, and barcelona (in that order) between them. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. :] thank you in advance.

Freighter Travel

15:39 minutes (14.33 MB)

Ever want to hitch a ride to Europe on a cargo freighter? Well, you can. Matt talks with an expert about the ins and outs of this unique form of transportation, and how you can set sail on the open seas.