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This will be my first time traveling to Europe. I wish to cover a lot of ground in 1-2 months but i’ll use 45 days as my working timeline. I’ve heard that you should concentrate on doing a few countries and cities but I’ve always pushed myself to the max in everything I do and this trip will be no exception.

Is it safe for young woman to travel alone in Europe?

My Daughter has amazing opportunity to visit Europe, starting from Amsterdam (Netherlands). We are worried how safe it is for a young woman to travel around Europe. She would like to visit other countries too, possibly by train (if deemed not safe enough then by plane).

Any advices or insights are welcome!

With Regards
Mila Rozer

CENTRAL EUROPE... Prague-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

What is the best way to go between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest… and for the cheapest price!?

Thank you!

Accommodation Romania, 45km away from Dracula's Castle

Apartment Luxor Busteni, Romania.

Located on the first floor of a blockhouse in Busteni, the Luxor apartment offers everything you may need for an intimate and relaxing stay.
The kitchen is equipped with a cupboard, a microwave, a toaster and all other necessary kitchen utensils. There are 2 bedrooms, both with a king bed and a wardrobe in one of them. In the center of the Luxor is a living room with a couch and an armchair.
The apartment is in a very spectacular place near the Hotel Silva and the 2 cable cars of Babele and Pestera.
Guests can use the facilities of the Hotel Silva.

The best way to travel?

Looking for some transportation advice for our EuroTrip.. this is our plan so far. Leaving July 2nd..
Returning July 26th

:::::We found that a multi-city ticket works best, same price as round trip to London minus the extra trip back to the same city.

USA —-> Flight —-> * Barcelona* stay for 2days
Barcelona —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Ibiza 2days
Ibiza —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Rome 2days

:::::Then the rest of the way with a Eurail (4 country) train pass.