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Cheap Destination Weddings

So, my fiance and I are brainstorming some cool places to get married and I was wondering if anyone would be able to point us in the right directions? So far – we have found the best deals for destination weddings on itravel2000! This site has everything we were looking for but can anyone recommend a specific location?

Tulico Express Train

Tulico Express Train

Tulico train offer comfortable, air-conditioned soft sleepers. While this is not a luxurious train, it offers good alternative transportation to Sapa from Hanoi. It has soft sleepers, A/C and clean two and four-berth cabins.

Tulico Train to Sapa, Tulico Express Tickets, Tulico Vip Deluxe Cabin
Tulico Express Train offers comfortable air-conditioned soft sleepers. This is a good value for money train carriage. It is good and clean cabin, especially the deluxe 2 berth cabin ( for 2 persons only) between Hanoi and Lao Cai.

Florence - Venice - Florence

I want to travel from florence to venice for 1 day. just make a day trip starting early in the morning and then come back to florence late at night. anyone know the best way to do this? i dont want to waste one of my eurail days on this since ill need it more for when i travel from country 2 country.
I dont necessarily need to take a train. I heard the buses are pretty good too and since its not a long ride and supposed to be cheaper, i figure we could just do that. anyone know a good site to purchase those tickets? do i really need reservations for it?

Border Jumpers: Bernard Pollack and Danielle Nierenberg in Africa

A couple travels to nearly every country in Africa

Europe on my birthday!

Hi everyone, so I’ve been really depressed the past few days because I didn’t get accepted to a teaching position in France for the fall (I was waitlisted, but called today and found out I’m near the bottom of that list and it’s very unlikely I’ll get a spot). So, I’ve decided to think positively (hard to do when your ego just took a huge blow, but I’m trying in between the crying), and I’ve been thinking about backpacking for a few weeks around my birthday in September.


If you’re in the mood for love, Dubai might not be your destination of choice right now. An English couple allegedly caught kissing in Dubai are facing a possible month in jail, while two Emirates Airline cabin crew were given three-month jail terms for texting sexy.
sentences are driven in an effort to enforce traditional Muslim values. So how might this impact Dubai’s tourism industry? Could it drive away the tourists who fill those glitzy hotels?

Please help me plan my first eurotrip :D

Hi everyone!

I’m planing my first Eurotrip and I’ve made a list of the places I wanna go to so far. I’ve got about 32 days for this trip starting in May. In June I start Law school so this might be my last chance at freedom for a long time.

I’m 23 years old, male, and adventurous. I love outdoor activities, partying, and also sightseeing (museums, landmarks, etc…)

Please help me narrow the list down to the top 10 or 11 places to go. I figure that’ll give me about 3 days per place, give or take. I’m traveling alone also. Anyway, here’s the list:


Traveling from Paris... Any suggestions?

This will be my first trip to Oktoberfest and I am so excited! I am going to be living in France next year so I will be traveling from Paris. Does anyone have any good, cheap suggestions for getting there?

South of France, suggestions?

Hello everyone,

My two friends and I are backpacking this summer and have allocated 5 days for the south of France around late May and early June, but we aren’t sure where to go exactly. Ideally we’re looking for cute, small towns with restaurants and cafes that will keep us occupied for a day or two as we travel around. We’re all still in college, so we would like places with some social life, but we are also on a pretty tight budget, making St. Tropez and Cannes out of the question.