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Not Only Female, but Black?

I’ve become interested into traveling in Italy, Rome in particular, and I’ll be taking a trip in summer of 2010, to France for family, then a quick train ride to England. I’m hoping to be able to make time, space, and have the means to travel to Italy, one part of Europe I’m more than fascinated with. The following year I’ll like to take a short residency and a job for the summer in Rome, Milan, Florence, or Venice, but would it be difficult being an African- American woman to find such? This is more of pre-planning and curiosity then actual set plans of traveling soon.

Nice, France

Hi everyone,

I just returned from my trip to Nice, France and now I can definitely say that it is one of my favorite places. The Nice old town is one of the best places to visit in the city. With its cobblestone walking streets and old buildings. There are a lot of really great places to explore on foot, but you can drive to other famous places in the city like the Monument Aux Morts or the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.
I will always remember my trip to Nice and maybe someday I will visit Nice again.

Has anyone been in Nice? What are you impressions of the city??

Ferries Help!!

Hey, my best friend an I are planning to do a backpacking trip in northern france this summer. We also wanted to spend a few days in london and very very tentatively considering Dublin. We were really hoping to take a ferry across the channel, just for the experience, but it seems like this is extremely expensive. Does anyone have any thoughts or info about ferries (I was really hoping to go Granville to Jersey to Portsmouth) or know anything about discounts?? Thanks.

Car hire Berlin airport (TXL)


I’m visiting Germany in November for a bussines meeting for a couple of days.
I will need a rental car for my visit there.. I’m arriving at Tegel airport (TXL) and I will take the car there.

I have been searching the web for the lowest prices for car hire and I came across an interesting site which offer really low prices for car hire Berlin airport.
The problem is that I haven’t heard anything about this company.

Three Sheets - great tv show

I’m constantly being told that I have the best job in the world.

For the past few years, I’ve hosted a television show called “Three Sheets” in which I journey around the world to engage in foreign drinking customs, and befriend the people who partake in them. My “job” has taken me to over 50 countries, where I have visited countless watering holes, drank innumerable libations, and had my share of debilitating hangovers.

I’ve drunk the finest Champagnes and Cognac in their respective regions in France.

Cheapest way from Brugee/Brussels to Interlaken... leaving in about a little over a week!!

Trying to get from Bruges to Interlaken in the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way. Been looking into train travel, and have been quite confused by the variety of apparent possibility. Also been going through the flight websites, and haven’t found anything even remotely in my range. Any advice on the best way to do it by train, or perhaps a website or company to use for flight travel, would be really really helpful. I’m leaving for Belgium next monday, and want to head to Interlaken by saturday (probably take a night train friday).

Favourite places in the UK

If you could travel anywhere in the UK where would you go to? Or is there somewhere you go back year after year?

Paris to Rome in 15 days

I am traveling from Paris to Rome with tenative stops in Beune, Lyon, Arles, Marsailles, Genoa, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Does this sound like too much for 15 days? Does renting a car give you more freedom? I am a High School art teacher leaving the day after graduation. Want to see alot of art but also let loose alittle. Help.

Studying in France June '09

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to be studying in Anncey, France for the month of June ’09. Anyone else?? Also, following that month I plan to travel throughout Western Europe for another month by myself. If anyone is looking for a travel companion please let me know! Would love to meet some new friends and have some great, memorable (or not!) times!