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Barcelona or Rome

My wife and I are spending two weeks in Italy and Spain this December. It’s the only possible window for us. We are looking to primarily see Barcelona in Spain, although we are considering multiple stops in Italy.

1) Is it best to fly into Barcelona or Rome?

2) Once there, what is the most effective and enjoyable way to get between Italy and Barcelona for two people? Should we fly? If so, how much should budget per flight? Should we take a ferry or train? We want it to be enjoyable, though we do not want to sacrifice too much of our trip’s time or budget getting between the two.

Carry-on Concerns.

First off,

Thank you to everyone who replied to my various threads, you have been a big help in organizing and planning our trip, and my and my travel partners are extremely grateful for that.

Now to our new dilemma!

We are pretty good about packing light, so size dimensions and weight shouldn’t pose a problem with carry-on (from either the U.S. to Amsterdam trip or the Ryan Air trip from Barcelona to Venice). The problem were having is with the items we feel we should/need to bring…these include nail clippers, razor, pocket knife.