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Belgium Beer Tour
Other Entertainment in Brussels, Belgium
EuropeUpClose - A Europe Travel Blog and Community Packed With Tips and Advice From Experts

A Europe Travel Blog and Community Packed With Tips and Advice From Experts

Best Travel Options for Study Abroad student in Athens

Hey all,
I am about to be studying in Athens, Greece for the next 4 months, and I am wondering what the best forms of travel are between Athens and European countries such as France, Italy, Amsterdam, Poland, Austria, and Germany. Because i would only get to travel on weekends and some weeks, is it best to by a eurorail pass or just go trip by trip? Is flying better in some cases?

Also, how does the ferry system work in terms of international travel?

Thanks so much!
-Katherine W.

Montreux Travel Guide

Online guide to Montreux, Switzerland

Recipes & Stories

Two things that would be nice to see are two new forums:

The first (which was already mentioned) if a food forum. It would be great to have a recipe exchange or just talk about what people have been eating while in Europe. It seems there are a few people (like myself) that like to cook and eat. I would love to see a food or recipe forum.

The second is a stories forum. I know this could go under (maybe) the eurotrip pub. I think it would be cool if people would be open enough to share their stories. Funny stories, train stories, scary stories. Just fun things that happened.