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2-3 month Eurotip need some advice!


I was planning on going to Europe next (April), May and June with my girlfriend (2012). June is a must because I am meeting with my family to attend a Wedding and then exploring a little of Italy with them. I haven’t done TOO much looking into it yet but I have read the favorite places forum.. several times. My must see locations: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Greece and of course some of the smaller cities/towns around them but those are the biggies, starting in London and making our way south to Greece. My first concern is the cost…

How long in each city to stay?

I wanted to plan a one month trip through Europe this summer and was wondering how long I should plan to stay in each city? Some advice would be great!

Spain on a scooter?


I lurked around this place before I did this trip across Spain and found some useful information here, so I thought I would give something back. I am half way through doing my video diary. Hope fully you will find it useful and a bit of fun. The coming back part was on a 125 generic scooter Wink…

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First Eurotrip Help...

My girlfriend and I are doing our first Eurotrip next summer and could use all the advice we can get. We would be traveling May 25 until June 21, so roughly 28 days. We want to fly into Dublin, make our way over to England, and head to Italy, stopping in various countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. With a 28 day trip, is it feasible to Fly into Dublin, travel to England, then to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and finally Italy, then fly back to the United States from Italy?

One thing I hear a lot is not to “cram”.