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Switzerland Itinerary Planning

My sister and I are going on a trip to Switzerland in about two weeks. We are flying into Zurich and have 11 free days before we fly back out. We will be staying in hostels, and will be couchsurfing. I have a few places in mind that I want to go: Interlaken, Berner Oberland, appenzell, Bern. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some other areas to visit or fun things to do that wouldn’t be very expensive.

Planning a MONSTER EuroTrip

I am planning a trip to Europe in 2012, for about 3 months. I will be traveling with my best friend and we each have about 6,000 US dollars saved up. I’m going to buy a Eurail Global pass. Is it worth it to buy the pass for 3 months? I will be visiting France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Transylvania, The Netherlands, Croatia(Plitvice Lakes) and the U.K. I have no real desire to return to America. My buddy has family in France, so the plan is, he can get a work permit because his Mom is a citizen and I can work as a freelance writer/photographer.

Eurail pass or point to point tickets? Please help

Hello, I am arriving in Zurich July 8 at 6:30 PM and will be returning to New Orleans on August 18. I am trying to determine if its cheaper to get all point to point tickets or maybe a flexi eurail pass or perhaps a regional pass. Please look at the trip i planned out already:


I am traveling alone on the first leg of my trip, and then meeting a friend in frieburg Germany and we will be traveling together from then on. The planner messed up some of the nights so the days are not accurate prior to the flight into Frankfurt.