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College Guys - Please Help with Itinerary Options!

My brother and I are finishing college and going straight to Europe for a month. We have most of the trip planned out, but aren’t sure how to spend the last week of it.

Our trip for the first 3 weeks: Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels

After Brussels, we’re trying to decide whether to go north to UK (London, maybe Edinburgh) or south (Paris, maybe Nice). We will end up in Barcelona and are flying from there.

Best/cheapest way to get around the UK?

I’m going to the UK for two weeks and visiting England, Wales, and Scotland during this. I’m mostly trying to figure how to get between the three areas, as I’ll mostly be stationary within them (except Scotland, but I’m taking a tour that provides transportation there). I’ve discovered that trains can be outrageously expensive in Britain, so I was looking into coaches/buses. Does anyone have any experience in this area?
I stumbled upon, and it seems like they has some super cheap fares (kinda like the easyJet of buses) but are the buses nice? Do they have toilets?

Phoenix to London

Hello all,
I thought I’d check here and see if anyone can help. Looking for any decent fares from Phoenix, AZ to London. My travel dates are March 6-13. Can go a day earlier, or stay a day later. A longer trip could be even better. I’ve found a ticket with one-stop at $715 and a non-stop on BA for $887.

I checked Some airline, travel, & some of the other sites listed here on the forum. What do you think? Any other deals coming up that anyone may know of?