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brit travelling to uk with aussie friend

hi everyone. hope u can help. im travelling to uk with an australian friend and her son. they will be entering on the usual 6 month holiday visa but we would like to stay longer. does anyone know how long they would have to leave uk for before they can re enter and get another 6 months. any advice much appreciated

Caernarfon Castle
Landmark in Caernarfon, United Kingdom

What about pounds?

So, I’m planning to travel in the winter to Europe and I wanna spend two weeks at friend’s houses in London (in january/february 2010). For the others countries I’m planing 35-40 euros per day (without accomodations and transportation beetween cities) but I have ANY idea how much money is the ideal per day in London. I know it’s a really expensive city and how much in euros (or US dollars) do you guys think it’s necessary? (considering I’ll have a really short budget)
thank you and sorry for my bad English (I’m brazilian)

Favourite places in the UK

If you could travel anywhere in the UK where would you go to? Or is there somewhere you go back year after year?

Vienna to Paris (and maybe to UK)

Hi All!

We (2 of us) are trying to figure out the best way to get from Vienna to Paris by train – and we have had no real success. We can’t figure out what the prices are on OBB, or if that is even the best way to go. We want to leave Vienna on July 13th with a ticket to Paris. Any suggestion on the best way to do this? Also – is there any type of pass we could by that would get us from Vienna to Paris, let us travel around France and than get us to the UK? I’m guessing no, but thought I would ask anyways.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Summer 09 Itinierary help!!

I traveling with my cousin this Summer [both female, 20/21] and am looking at putting together a basic itinerary. I’m going to on Exchange to England from September so am traveling for a while before then. We are flying into London and spending 3 wks in the UK, then spending a week in Spain with some friends. From there, we have about a month to do Europe, pretty much August. We are looking at doing;

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France as our main countries.

IEP / Best Work Abroad Scheme for UK

Hey guys,
I’m sure this has been answered before (i did do a search etc, but found nothing), sorry if it has, just point me in the right direction.

I’ve just applied for the UK Youth Mobility scheme (2 year work visa), and am thinking about my next step… I leave for the UK in June, and am planning to spend my savings traveling around northern Europe, before going to the UK to work for a few months, then traveling some more; which brings me to my main point – How useful are these work abroad schemes?

London, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh

I leave for two weeks to London, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, and Edinburgh in 2.5 months and have done a lot of research, but I was wondering if anyone who has been to any of these cities what the “must-do” things are in each of them, as well as any tips for my itinerary.

Thanks! Bob

Getting From Stansted Airport to Oxford

My friend and I are having a bit of difficulty finding a cheap way to get from Stanstead Airport to Oxford. We were looking at the Stansted Airport website, and the cheapest was about £35. Anyone know a cheaper way to get there? Would it be cheaper/easier going from Stansted to London, then London to Oxford (St. Clemens).? Thanks!

Should I stay in London or Paris Longer

I am trying to finalize my itinery for my wife’s and I first trip to europe.