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Eastern European countries

I would like some info about traveling Eastern Europe. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia. Anyone share experiences there and or tips about the places? More towards Kiev, Odessa, L´viv (Ukraine).. Sofia, Varna, Burgas (Bulgaria).. Sighisoara, Bucharest, Timisoara, Transylvania (Romania). I am considering going there this summer and am interested in what people have to say.

Help with traveling :(

ok so I’m really wanting to go to the ukraine i have a friend there and it seems to be like an awesome place to visit but i also have all the rest of my plans to do… would it best to start in urkaine and then travel back to germany(my starting point) or travel from berlin to urkaine roundtrip…

2 1/2 weeks in Eastern Europe

I will be traveling to Eastern Europe in late may. I have been to Hungary and Czech Republic. I will have two and a half weeks to travel. I have heard great things about Krakow and I would really like to spend some time in Romania. I am more interested in architecture and history then art and museum. I would also like to experience local culture. Please any info you might have would be great. I have read old post already. Thanks