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FLIGHT ROME-NYC on December 13th ON SALE for 300Euro

I am selling a one way ticket from Rome Fiumicino to New York JFK leaving on December 13th around midday.

The ticket has been bought with Norwegian Airlines and name change is allowed.

Sale price is 300 Euro, about half of what you would pay now for the same. Smile


From Sarajevo to Tallinn cheapest way

Hello, I am from Sarajevo. Can someone help me a tell me what is the cheapest way to come to Tallinn,Estonia. I will go from Sarajevo about 28. March 2012.
Thank you. Smile

Chicago to.....?

Where is it the cheapest to fly to from Chicago?

NYC to Paris, with a possible stop in between?

Hi everybody!

So here’s my (kind of) complicated question:

I’m looking to fly into Paris from NYC to do an independent study for school, anytime between mid March and April, and essentially stay 2-3 weeks. However, I was thinking about taking advantage of one of the cheap deals I’ve seen online to other places (like the one to Casablanca that’s about 400$ roundtrip that I just saw posted on Iberia).

Ibrox Stadium
Sporting Venue in Glasgow, United Kingdom

My Eurotrip ERASED???????

Has anyone else had this happen? I have spent over 8 hours making a custom trip map, painstakingly adding each location (for a three month trip). I had pretty much finalized my itinerary (foolishly only on this site). When I went to add a couple more locations last night (6/11/09), the entire itinerary got erased when I added a city. Is there ANY way to recover this information? I have a good idead of my places to go, but it took a lot of time to log everything in.

cheap flights to budapest from east coast

I need a one-way ticket to budapest anywhere from the 5th-11th of august. I dont care about layovers or what cities im flying into or out of, (I Live in Pennsylvania so NYC, philly or newark are prime) . ITA gives me the cheapest at about 600$. can i do better, or should i book it?


i want to travel to cracow from amsterdam in late july. i found an airline ticket for 40 euros, do you think it is the cheapest i can get? i really don’t care about the vehicle, plane, train, bus it’s the same, i’m only looking for the cheapest one…
please helpSmile

HI insurance vs. supplemental

I just got my HI card and it comes with a very basic insurance plan. I was wondering if i should buy more health insurance to supplement the plan? and is that is even an option? I know the amount of insurance you get is subjective and depends on a number of factors, but is getting more of just the medical part of insurance coverage hard and expensive?