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Travelling while studying abroad


I’m studying abroad in Florence in the spring. Planning on going to Venice for Part of Carnevale. It starts on my 20th birthday which also happens to be my friends 21st. Also, I was thinking about going to Dublin for St. Patrick’s day then to London, Liverpool, and Edinburgh because the week after is our spring break. I was wondering if Dublin on St. Patrick’s day is worth it because hostels alone are like triple the price. Would it be better to reverse the plan and start in London and end in Dublin? Also looking for tips on hostels and booking with ryanair (ie.

The Popularity of Windermere and It's Hotels
Travelogue Entry in Windermere, United Kingdom

4 days in scotland -where should one go to ?

Hello all !
2 of us are planning a 4 day short haul in Scotland – first time in uk ( so no clue as of now ) . Our base is Liverpool and we are planning to do a couple of days in edinburgh. I am keen to also go and see the St Andrews golf course ( and also play a round if possible ! ) . Also , would like to go to the highlands and see a couple of distilaries if possible … Is it expecting a bit too much ? Would like your suggestions and thoughts here please . This we plan to do in end september . In case this is possible , how would you advise we move around in Scotland ?

Enjoy Britain and Ireland On Line (Video + Stills)

The film “My Pub Runneth Over” presents a comprehensive journey to Britain and Ireland, including England (London, Stonehenge, walled cities & a castle), Wales, Ireland (kiss the Blarney Stone, Dublin, Cliffs of Moher), and Scotland (Edinburgh, the highlands, bagpipes & Loch Ness), plus interviews, and, of course, pubs.

The video can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed internet connection.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I sell absolutely nothing.

Work and travel - France or UK???


Im planning to work and travel from late december 2008 to june 2009 (maximum).

I cant decide between France and UK+Ireland

From your experience, which Trip would you recommend (considering the time of year, amount of money I have to spend etc.), where would it be more likely to get a job (very simple work and travel jobs), which country(ies) is more appropriate for work and travel/backpacking in general?

I understand english quite well, but I would want to improve my speaking.

My french isnt so good in general – how possible is it for me to get a job then?

I could reall