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What about Valencia ?

I`m living since 2 years now in Valencia, this city is fantastic. I`m curious what is your opinion because I don`t see many people asking about it.

Ben's Inn
Bar in Valencia, Spain

Spain transport: Barcelona to Valencia


I am traveling to Europe for the first time in August for La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain. I am traveling with one other person. Our flight goes to Barcelona and our hotel is in Valencia.

What are my options to get from Barcelona to Valencia? What do you think is the best way (cheap and fast)?

Also, what do you think is the best way to go from Valencia to La Tomatina in Bunol?

Please help! Thank you…

Spain to Mykonos.. Help anyone?


I desperately need to know the best and cost efficient way to get to mykonos from Spain.
I will be attending Benicassim Festival in July and i have friends that will be in Mykonos in August.

Anyone know the best way from Spain to mykonos that wont cost an arm and a leg, and bypassing some cool places in europe?

Thanks for the help guys.

Madrid, Valencia, Bordeaux or Tours???

Hi, I’m backpacking solo. As part of my trip I’m visiting Valencia, Bordeaux and Tours. I have the option of staying at two of the places for 1 full day and 2 nights but the other place I’ll get to stay 3 days and 4 nights (bus rules not mine!). I’m stopping only over night in Madrid – get in late, leave early. So should I stay longer at V, B or T or should I give Madrid more of a go? Which is your favourite place out of these four?
Thanks heaps in advance!