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Help with Hostels and age

Hello All,
I am planning my eurotrip for may 2009 and i have run across a few problems.
-my friend who I was hoping to travel with bailed on me recently
-I will most likely still go alone
-I will be only 17 at the time turning 18 in august
-Will this be a problem checking into hostels? (Im going to amsterdam, berlin, prague, vienna, maybe bratislava, maybe krakow, and definitly budapest, if at all relevant)
-Another group I know reletively well offered me to join their group all 18 yrs old, would it be less problematic for me to join them or would I run into the same issues?

hostels in Vienna and Budapest?

Hi! I still can´t find any good hostels in Vienna or Budapest. Since I´m traveling solo, I´d like to be in a central/safe location… Any suggestions?

Take Off For Italy On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “Gondola With the Wind” can be seen on the web if you have a high speed internet connection. The movie begins in Italy with Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Venice. It then features Vienna (Austria), glorious Prague (Czech Republic), Poland (including Warsaw & Auschwitz), Ukraine, and Budapest (Hungary).

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached.


A friend and myself will be spending about 4 days in Vienna (Dec 30 – Jan 2). We’d like to avoid spending the entirety of that time museum hopping to do something a little more, um, adventurous.

Can anyone recommend some daytrips outside of the city? We’re planning to spend a day in Bratislava. But what else is a good day trip from Vienna in the middle of winter? I’ve read a lot about Wachau and the wine country. . .any other suggestions for two twenty-something males looking for adventure?