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Western Europe point-to-point transportation

Hello everyone,

I’m planning a 3-week trip to Western Europe and thanks to some very helpful contributions from the members here, I think I’ve finalized the places I need to go. However, I’m still confused about the methods/specifics of going into each of these places, such as, whether to take a rented car, a train, a bus, how long should I stay in this place, etc.

3 Weeks in Western Europe

Hi Everyone,

We are thinking about a 3-week trip to Europe in August 2011 and wanted to start planning early. I’ll be traveling with my wife (we both are 25 yrs old) and have sketched a rough itinerary using the trip planner.

Tentative Plan

We are hoping we’ll be able to spend around $4000-$5000 (excluding airfair) and basically want to hit the big cities. We are looking forward to traveling from train most of the time but would like to drive through France, from Paris to Nice, if it is viable.

Female, 5 weeks, by myself, HELP!

I have never been outside the US except Canada and Mexico. I am going for 5 weeks, Apr. 29th – June 7th…BY MYSELF. Should I be scared? Safety tips? I am 25, tall blonde and stick out like a sore thumb. How can I blend in so I can be safe. ALSO; let me know if this is a good route/doable in 5 weeks. I am starting and ending in Barcelona b/c I have a friend from high school there…


Any advice would be so much appreciated!

Where to go between Amsterdam and Madrid

I’ve been in Germany and Austria for about 3 weeks now. So far I have seen Berlin, Nürnberg, Vienna, and am now in Munich until July 2nd. After that I am going to Paris for three nights, and Amsterdam for 5. I have my hostel booked for 8 nights in Madrid and that is where I am flying back to the states from.

The problem is that I have one week between Amsterdam and Madrid and I can’t settle on a place to stay.

My first trip to Europe... Hostels or Couch Surfing???

So this is my first trip to Europe… There’s not much planned at all. I just graduated college and figured I’d wait out the job market by going traveling… so I’ll be going alone for the most part.

As for the trip, I don’t need much structure; I figure that I’ll probably want to play a lot by ear. That way I can stay places that I like for longer. I posted a tentative itinerary, and haven’t solidified anything. I’ve listed some specifics of my trip below.

Suggestions Needed for a January Eurotrip to Western Europe

Hi Guys,
I discovered this site a few weeks ago while trying to plan my upcoming eurotrip and I have found your discussions very helpful. I was hoping to get some more direct advice on my situation and I am open to any suggestions. I am a 21 year old college student and I am looking for a fun party experience and an oppurtunity to meet people of all different cultures. I would like to see some sights and maybe a museum or two, but my main interests are having spontaneous experiences with some new people.