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Can I use my cell phone in Europe?

I will be traveling to Europe for 3 weeks (Sept-Oct) and traveling to Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, and The Netherlands. I have service with Sprint here in the USA, and the Palm Pre cell phone. My girlfriend who is traveling with me has T-Mobile and the MyTouch2. Since I’m pretty sure we will not be able to use our phones in Europe, what are the best options for receiving and making calls/texts in Europe?
Should I rent a cell phone, buy a prepaid calling card, buy a SIM card for her phone?
Will we be able to connect to wifi with our cell phones in Europe?

WiFi Availablity

I am wondering how easy it is to find WiFi while backpacking europe. Do most hostels have it? Are coffee shops with free WiFi common in europe?

I am hoping to get to Croatia, Slovenia and maybe Greece this fall and since my job basically requires me to have an internet IV, I was wondering what I should be expecting.

New inexpensive bus service including WiFi, DC-NYC & NYC-Boston

Taking a cue from the Mexican Deluxe coaches, there is now anew, more upmarket bus service including WiFi that travels between Washington DC and Boston, via New York.

NYC-DC and NYC-Boston for $15 (and some early buses as low as $10)