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wine vacation

I feel like going on a vacation in southern europe this spring with my girlfriend. We want it to be chilled out and with some cultural excursions, good food and good wine. Does anyone have a favourite place for something like that? We would like to visit some small towns as well and try the wine from the farmers on a bicycle trip for a few days. The rest of the days we would stay in a relaxed town with lots to see. We are not sure where to go though
What are your expereiences?

Help with Travel into France Out of Prague

So I’m planning a European trip to see Oktoberfest with 3 friends. We don’t want to only due Munich and figured it would be quite a bit cheaper to not have to fly in & out of Munich during that time.

Our plan is to start in the CDP region of France near Orange (so flying into Lyon, Marseille, or Montpellier are all options w/ the last being the most desirable). Then we were going to travel to Munich then to Prague and fly home from there. We’re willing to fly into or out of other places and take ground transit if it’s faster, cheaper, better, etc.

price o' drinks

Is it difficult, in general, in France and Italy to find cheap, great wine? What IS cheap wine? Does it go for 20 E at cheapest:best ratio or can I pick up a decent bottle for only a few E? I’m headed specifically to Bordeaux, Paris, Perpignon, Venice, Florence, and Rome. How fares the drink?

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