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are there many small jobs in europe?

basically myself and a friend both 18 want to go to Europe with limited money and were wondering if there are many jobs that pay enough for food and hostels and if anything could be recommended it would be greatly appreciated.

Work in hostels

hi everyone, i got a question about working in hostels while travelling.

given that i have no experience at all, what is the best way to find jobs in hostels in exchange of a bed and maybe some food ? Should i try to email some places before, or show up for a few nights, get to know the people/hostel and then ask ?

Do you guys know if such hostel work is only possible to find in high season or that can work in low season also ? (say autumn in central/eastern europe)

ANy advices are more than welcome. Thanks again !

Not Only Female, but Black?

I’ve become interested into traveling in Italy, Rome in particular, and I’ll be taking a trip in summer of 2010, to France for family, then a quick train ride to England. I’m hoping to be able to make time, space, and have the means to travel to Italy, one part of Europe I’m more than fascinated with. The following year I’ll like to take a short residency and a job for the summer in Rome, Milan, Florence, or Venice, but would it be difficult being an African- American woman to find such? This is more of pre-planning and curiosity then actual set plans of traveling soon.

Working in Spain..

Hi there,

Maybe someone could tell me if it’s dificult to get a job in Spain if you don’t speak Spanish??


How to work on Europe

Hello euro-trippers!

I am new to this site, but I came here for help. I am trying to accomplish something kinda mad. I want to spend a year in Europe working small, easy, low-paying jobs to survive. On my days off I want to travel and experience the gritty culture of what ever city that I am in. The only problem with this is that I have no idea how the working situations works.

Do I have to have a work visa to earn money?
What kind of jobs should I try for?
What jobs do not require me to speak the native language?

I hope you folks can help! Thanks in advance!

working in hungary

i’ve been recently thinking about teaching english as a foreign language in budapest, through STA travel, but wanted to know what budapest is like, any tips on hungary and if teaching english as a foreign language is a good idea?