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Would you see more france, or pop into ....

This will pretty much be my 1st trip traveling in Europe, (Japan for 10 days, Dublin for a fortnight). I have about 26 days, ticket in & out of Heathrow has been bought. But I’m only 79% sure about my trip. Here’s my trip backwards

Flying back to San Francisco
London 3/4 days
Paris 6 days (close friend, louvre, Day trips , and just PARIS )
Nancy 1 night
Reims 1 >Not sure, maybe these 2 can be 1…
Zurich 4 nights (close friends, Suggestions on a day trip around here)
Dijon 2 nights
South of France 3 nights (Toulon? Nice? Menton?

Help with itinerary. Germany/Italy/Switzerland

Experienced Euro trippers
I need help planning an itinerary for my first Euro trip. A buddy and I will be arriving in Frankfurt on the 22nd of April and have a return flight on the 30th. We will be renting a car in Frankfurt and would like to circle going towards Venice Italy (may be as far south as Florence) and drive north to Switzerland back to Frankfurt.
Our interests are Sightseeing & Nightlife.
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

What to do in Interlaken, Florence, Munich, and Nice

I’m going with two friends to Europe at the end of the summer/early fall. As of now the cities are as follows: Rome, Venice, Munich, Zurich, Milan, Marseille, Paris, London, Dublin.

Paris, Rome, Venice are all pretty much decided what we’re doing, but I was wondering if anyone knew of fun things to do/see in the rest of the cities (especially Milan, Marseilles, and Munich).

Advices of best spot to take pics of sunset/sunrise in Paris, Barcelona, Prague and Zurich during winter


I usually take pics of sky, or sunrise/sunset (plus landscape) of each city/country I visit. Which spot are the best of:
1. Paris
2. Barcelona
3. Prague
4. Zurich

What time usually the sunrise in the morning and the sunset? They do shine during winter right? hehe … since I live in a country where the sun constantly shining during the day from 6am to 6pm, never change all year long.

Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback.

Itinerary questions - Switzerland and Greece

I will be in Switzerland for 4.5 days this summer, traveling from Salzburg into Italy. What are the places I should definitely hit up? What would your ideal itinerary be? Right now I’m thinking Zurich – Lucerne – Lugano, but I’ve never been, so I welcome thoughts.

I will be in Greece for 4.5 days as well (flying in and out of Athens), and I’ve been told that’s a long time to spend just in Athens. So right now I’m thinking 1 day in Athens, 1 daytrip to Delphi, and then 2 days of island time. What islands are easy to get to from Athens? Are there other areas I should be checking out?