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18 year old graduate taking a Eurotrip for the first time...please HELP :D
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Ive decided to start a year in advanced on planning my month long graduation eurotrip! Problem is, this is my first time traveling outside of the United States (blahh) and I will be traveling alone . Its going to happen during the summer of 2010 (July/Early August) Here is an idea of the cities I will probably be hitting: Santorini, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Ios, Greece
Athens, Greece
Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy
Rome, Italy
Florence, Italy
This trip will be 29 days, I’m hoping I can spend a decent amount of time in each city. My budget is 8,000-10,000 dollars.

Now, one of the main issues I was having was deciding whether or not I should travel with a group or go alone. I love the thought of having guaranteed people to hang with, but I want the freedom to do my own thing, explore at my own pace and not be stuck waking up at 7:30 for a tour of a castle I dont want to see.

Hotel or Hostel? I’ve been trained to automatically gravitate to hotels, but the hostels seem like an awesome place to meet new people.

Should I start learning a little of the languages? I’m taking Latin next year if that helps

I also wanted to know about the party scene. On the list, which one would be the best place to stay and party, and which one would be the best place to chill out, rest and relax. Ive been reading up on most of the islands in Greece, and Ive heard that Ios has the biggest party scene.

If anyone has any travel advice or any other advice for that matter PLEASE add. Thanks so much.

BTW If you would like to request I add a stop to my city list, please let me know.

There will most likely be more questions as the thread progresses.

I am leaving from Washington D.C. with $10000 for 29 days
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Wow so much to cover! First, congrats on the trip! You’re going to have an amazing time. I’ll try to touch on as much of this as I can. Greece I haven’t been to but I just read a thread where people are talking about it so you should check there. Venice, as many say, you can see in a day. It’s expensive and there are a ton of tourists. Most people I know went for a day like me and agreed that was plenty. It is worth seeing though. Any particular reason you want to go to Milan? Rome is freakin’ awesome. I’d spend several days there if I were you. Florence you can see in a few days. To be honest, I might actually add a city or two more on your trip. At least do some day trips like going to Cinque Terre from Florence. I think $8k-10k is a little more than you are going to need. You can if you want but it would take a lot of spending to go through that in 30 days. Choosing to travel with a group or by yourself is a decision only you can make. I prefer traveling alone because you can do whatever you want and you have to break out of your shell if you have one. It’s so fantastic. I’m definitely a people person so I prefer hostels because half of the experience is meeting people from all over the world! You don’t get nearly as much of that from a hotel. I would stay in a hotel the last night or so before you fly back home just so you aren’t bothered by anyone. Being a young woman I just need to remind you to travel SMART if you go alone. In general, Europe is safer than here in the States, but still live by the general rules: stay with crowds, no dark alleys, don’t go out alone at night, etc.

It doesn’t hurt to learn a few phrases in a few different languages. At the least I would learn to say “Do you speak English” in each language just as a courtesy more than anything.

To figure out where to stay go to and you can figure out which hostels are the party hostels and which are for relaxing.

Maybe you could go to Southern France for a few days? Nice is great and you can get to several other cool towns from there.

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hey, definately hit Ios. I’ve been there a few summers in a row, for up to 3 months at a time. If ur looking for a party scene its hard to leave!! It is a pretty good place to go it alone, if u want to make friends get a job there in one of the bars or restaurants. Even if u don’t need the money, the island has a weird us and them vibe to island workers- workers seem to have instant cool factor! lots of staff bbqs! I worked in rehab a club, it was sooo much fun. Problems that may arise there would be if ur travelling alone u’ll prob be stuck in shit accomadation as the groups get great deals on the best places like Hermes with a great pool. Plus as ur not staying the full summer. But if u don’t mind that you could prob find somewhere, and the island staff are helpful. Your prob at young end of spectrum being 18, the island ranges from 18ish to maybe 25. I’d reccomend Harmony for amazing food and good buzz during day and farout beach bar, that’s where all the activity is. And take your pick form all the clubs. have fun and good luck. ps. if your interested in a job just approach manager and ask, its constant turnover, you’ll get about 25euro a day and free drinks all night, so view it as a free day!! have fun. enjoy all the hot guys!!

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Congrats on starting to plan early. Here’s my advice (for waht t’s worth):

1. Skip Milan; While it is the fashion capital of Italy, it is also the most polluted in Europe, one of the dirtiest, snobbiest and most expensive. Don’t even think of going into the designer shops unless you can afford to buy. High end places do not appreciate toursits pawing the merchandise.

2. $8,000 to $10,000 is way too much for the average budget traveller. $3000 to $4000 would be more than enough for good meals, small hotels and transportation/sightseeing costs. But if you have $10 K go nuts

3) Hotels or Hostels: Both are good. Most hotels are not up to the standards of American hotels ( Not dirty just a bit old) . Most Hostels are pretty clean and safe. Also, many Greek families have apartments, rooms, houses etc. that they rent out to tourists. I landed in Poros a few years back, went to the local bar, got to talking with the waiter, who then hooked me up with a house overlooking the harbour that had belonged to his grandparents. Also most islands in Greece are pretty close so even if you get tired of the one you’re on, just hop a ferry or a hydrofoil and try somewhere else.

3. Don’t go with a travel group: Your graduation trip is a chance to cut loose and spread your wings. Travelling in a group is like traveling with your parents. Someone alsways telling you wht to do, when to get up, when to leave, etc. You’ll have a good time on your own, and if you stay in hostels you’ll find lots of travel companions if you want.

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