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2 1/2 weeks in Eastern Europe
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I will be traveling to Eastern Europe in late may. I have been to Hungary and Czech Republic. I will have two and a half weeks to travel. I have heard great things about Krakow and I would really like to spend some time in Romania. I am more interested in architecture and history then art and museum. I would also like to experience local culture. Please any info you might have would be great. I have read old post already. Thanks

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I’m not experienced in this part of Europe, but I do know that Romania and Poland certainly both have lots of architecture. Have you considered, maybe, limiting your itinerary to these two countries? Maybe 7-10 days in each country? Try doing some research on each…there’s certainly architectural gems like Krakow and Gdansk in Poland, and Brasov, Timisoara, and Sibiu in Romania. As well as lots of other things to see, like medieval castles, palaces, etc. You can explore one country, use rail to get around, then fly to the other country, and fly back home when you’re done.


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I agree with the previous comment. It may be best to limit yourself to just those too countries. If you move around too much you may not experience too much of the local culture.

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I just returned from a 2 month trip to Europe, and spent about 10 days visiting Budapest, Krakow, and Prague. Krakow was definitely a place I would have cut out in hindsight. I was going to spend longer but ended up 2 days in Krakow, and 1 day visit to Auschwitz Museum, which was very worthwhile. But Krakow itself could be done on a day trip, so overall wasn’t worth the time and money it took getting there.

I would skip Krakow all together and go to Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe that are closer. If you have been to Budapest and Prague, then Krakow is just a smaller version of both.

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I really like eastern europe, specially poland! I really recommand you to go to krakow, warsaw, gdansk (my favourite city) and malborg castle (it s near gdansk). every city is different from the other, and the polish architecture is unique, i don’t think that krakow is a little prague or budapest!
the polish culture is also very interesting!

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Another thought…try Croatia/Bosnia/Montenegro. You could island hop down the Dalmatian Coast and check out the ancient Greek ruins…the cultural fusion of Austria-Hungary and Turkish empires throughout Bosnia is pretty one-of-a-kind…and then Montenegro is just endlessly pretty (monte = mountain, negro = black ….. aka black mountains. And they’re monstrous).

Romania and Poland are certainly worth your time though, for sure. Just adding some other suggestions Smile

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