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5 replies
2 hostels in one city?
captain poopypants
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think it would make sense to split berlin and rome into 2 hostels each?

haven’t been to berlin before, but i heard it’s a huge city with lots of different districts. i’m thinking if you base yourself in 2 places over a stay you’ll get to see the city from different perspectives.


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Your logic makes sense but the reality may not be as simple. Remember it takes time to pack, check out of hostel number one – then transport your stuff, find, check in, etc to hostel number two. If the two hostels are far away from one another, as I would assume they are, then you are possibly giving up a big chunk of a day to do the switch and I don’t know if what you’d get out of it would be worth the effort. I actually never have thought of doing that, to be honest. I’ll be curious to see what others think.

I’ve only changed hostels because of the hostel, not the location.  When I stayed in York, UK, I stayed in all three of the hostels. The first one was a IYH. There were plastic covers “pee sheets” on the mattresses- so when people tossed and turned it was noisy and there was a scout group there on top of that… so the next morning I moved to hostel number two… I can’t remember why I didn’t stay a second night at that one, I’ll have to check my journals. 

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Both Berlin and Rome have good public transport. Ask for help and you should be able to get wherever you want. I agree with Keleti that the time and hassle of getting to the second hostel would not be worth it.

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For any less than 5 nights in a city, I don’t think it would be worthwhile to switch logistically. But I think it’s an interesting concept.

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I did it in Prauge, but not because I wanted to, because the hostel I wanted to stay at was booked up for some of the nights I was there.  So I stayed at a hostel on both sides of the Vlatava.  It definitly gives you a different perspective on the city though.

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I’d just try toget a pretty centrally located hostel.  Packing up and getting checked in is going to cost more time and effort than a longer distance to the places you want to see.