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2 month Itinerary
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Hey guys

My fiancee and I are planning to backpack Europe together next summer after our wedding. Weve both been to Europe (different places) and so this time have basically picked the cities that we REALLY want to visit. We realize we may have to cut a few but are hoping to get in as many as possible considering this will probably be the only time in our lives where we can take off for a 2 month period like this. I know theres lots of smaller towns to see in the various countries, but we just dont have the time. We figured if we find a country we really like we can always go back for a one or two week trip and do it more in depth. This is more a taste of Europe haha.

Paris (5 days) do you think we need this many days? this includes a few trips outside the city like to Versaille, Chartres Cathedral and possibly Disneyland Paris (i just love Disneyland, haha)

Marseilles: (1 day) anyone who’s been here… is that long enough? there are only a couple things we want to see here, but weve always wanted to see them.

Gimmelwald: (3 days) This is going to be just a relaxing couple of days. Going for walks or hikes and staying at the Mountain Hostel.

Salzburg: (1 day) Just want to see a few of the Sound of Music stuff and the Festung Hohensalzburg Castle

Vienna: (2 days) Just the usual tourist things, like Hofburg Palace, Am Hof & Freyung, things like that.

Czech Republic:
Prague: (3 days) Lots of stuff we want to see here!!! Its out of the way compared to the other places were going but its at the top of my list, so we just have to haha.

Venice: (2 days)
Ive heard many people say this city is a waste of money, but my fiancee and I really want to see it, so we just put two days down…

Florence: (2 days) One of these days would include a day trip to Pisa

Rome: (5 days) TONS we want to see here, so weve allowed alot of time.

Now we also have one day in Milan written in, but thats mainly because we were going to take a cheap flight from there to Athens Greece. If anybody has a better idea of how to get there from Italy im open to suggestions!!

Athens: (3 days) Is this long enough? We were thinking of going to one of the islands for 2 days. Would we be better off cutting out a visit to Santorini and stay those couple extra days in Athens?

Were planning to go over to Ireland/Scotland either at the beginning or the end of our trip. Not sure when to do this though since it is out of the way. Ive noticed that its fairly cheap to fly into Glasgow compared to other places…Going over there will be&nbspart touring and&nbspart visiting friends who live over there

Dublin: (3 days) Visiting friends here… I have been to Dublin before and know my way around the city pretty well. I plan to take my fiancee to see some of the main sights.

Cork: (2 days) One of these days will include a trip to go kiss the Blarney Stone of course.

Limerick: (1 day) I have always wanted to go see the Cliffs of Moher so we figured wed use Limerick as a base for this.

Belfast: (3 days) Visiting friends here… I have been here before aswell. Wont be going into Belfast city itself much, but would like to go up the Antrim Coast and show my fiancee the highlights such as Dunluce Castle and the Giants Causeway.

Edinburgh: (2 days) Never been here before, so a fair amount to see.

Glasgow: (2 days) Was here a year or so back and loved it, but I saw all I wanted to in 2 days no problem. Have friends here also.

Stirling: (2 days) One of these days we plan to go up to Loch Lomond and possibly all the way up to Inverness.

So I was planning to cut and paste all of this in order but for some reason it wont let me. So heres a rough plan of where were going in order. All travel is by train unless otherwise noted!

Paris ->
Marseille ->
Venice ->
Florence ->
Rome ->
Milan -> fly to
Athens -> fly back to
Milan ->
Interlaken/Gimmelwald ->
Salzburg ->
Vienna ->
Prague -> fly to
Dublin ->
Cork ->
Limerick ->
Belfast -> fly to
Edinburgh ->
Glasgow ->
Stirling ->
Glasgow ->

Let me know what you think or if you have any pointers or advice guys. THANKS Smile

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I am typing this in haste so will just address a couple of things:

Just spend one day in Athens, and depending on what you prefer, see some of the mainland or one island. Santorini is gorgeous—so is Corfu. You could ferry or fly from Venice to Athens/Corfu.
Venice, btw, is worth it, especially for honeymooners.
And so is 5 days in Paris.

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agree, 5 days in Paris is totally good
i wish i had more time on my paris trip

I am leaving from Palo Alto with $123 for 22 days
London, Paris, Tours, Caen, La Rochelle, Annecy, Genoa, Venice, Florence, Rome