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2 Weeks - 2 Countries
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What would I do without Eurotrip!?

I’ve been up all night researching and my brain is fried. I need some help and advice! Going away for 2 weeks and looking at the following…

Options are French Riviera and Italy. I am looking at doing a week in both and maybe two locations in each country. Ideally would like to be on the coast, walking distance to the best/prettiest beaches. Love the “aid back” atmosphere with some nightlife. Prefer smaller towns where you can walk everywhere and locals are friendly. Any recommendations? Have been looking at Nice, Cannes, etc.. def want to do “Cinque Terre” OR Almafi Coast. Which one is better?

Thanks Smile

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I don’t know much about the French Riviera – although that it is not as “backpacker friendly” as other places as it can be very expensive.

I’ve been to both the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terra and love both of them for different reasons. The Amalfi Coast has some great small beach towns like Positano with pebble beaches and steep hills. Cinque Terra is, IMHO, much more picturesque and interesting. You can go for a long walk along trails to get to each village.

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You might find some of the smaller towns on the Riviera cheaper than Nice or Cannes. Nice has a rock beach as does much of the Riviera. Cannes has a sand beach. I’d look at Antibes, St. Laurent du Var, Ville Franche sur Mer, Cagnes sur Mer and Saint-Raphael as alternatives to the bigger cities. For actual small town ambience, you might want to get away from the beach and up in the hills a bit — look at La Gaude, Vence, St. Paul and St Jeannet.