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4 Month Trip Travel Advice
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So Im going on backpacking trip to mostly Western Europe next year (May- Late September). I know its a little early but I love to plan early and feel very prepared.. But I would really love some advice from people who’ve already done it. I’m going alone for the most part by then I will be 21, turning 22 while im there. My brother will be going with me for the first couple weeks. He is only staying while Im in Ireland and then flying home when I leave Ireland. Ive already got guidebooks, after reading alot of them I found I liked Let’s Go Europe on a Budget and Lonely Planet Europe on a budget fit me, and my trip the best… But I have alot of questions starting with TRAVEL…. I do not mind spending 1000-1500 for my flight but I want to know what is about average, whats more on the cheaper side and whats more on the expensive side. Im flying out of Jacksonville, FL to Dublin, Ireland. I rather spend a little extra money to fly out of where I live and fly directly into the closest airport to Dublin. Also.. I definately am going to get a railpass but which one? I know my internary but how many days would I want to get… I do not know how many days I would need to travel from here to there and what not.. Would it be cheaper to get a railpass for just England and another one for the rest of the trip.. My brother and I were thinking about renting a car for the Ireland part.. but im scared about the driving difference.. Also in the big cities whats the best passes to get for inner city transportation for the cities im staying in longer, etc. Whats the best way to cross the water from Ireland to Scotland, London to Amersterdam, etc. Also after you read my itinerary please feel free to give me any advice on the cities im going to.. Only the major cities like Dublin, Paris, Rome, etc am I dead set on all the little ones here and there are just ones Ive read about that have interesting sites, etc… So feel free to let me know which cities are better, which ones I may want to skip out on, maybe cities I might want to stay a little longer or less in.. Im  very flexible on my trip. Also a little about me to help you in your advice.. Im a big history and museum girl… I rather spend long hours in line for museums adn such the go to the beach… Im not doing any sport such things as skiing or anything like that.. Thankyou for any help you can give me.. I really do appreciate other opinions who have already been there and done that. Also any websites you can give me to do with anything and everything things to do, travel, packing, etc… And do you recommend atleast talking to a travel agent or maybe trying to book everything on my own?
Here is my itinerary.. It may change a little this is just the right now kind of thing:

City/How many days im staying..

Fly Into Dublin, Ireland – 4
Sligo, Ireland – 3 (including a couple day trips)
Galway, Ireland – 3
Aran Islands/Cliffs of Moher, Ireland – 2
Limerick, Ireland – 1
Cork, Ireland – 3 (day trip to Blarney Castle)
Glascow, Scotland – 2
Iverness – 2 (I may cut this out bc its really out of the way depends on how bad I want to go to Lochness when I get there)
Edinburgh – 4
New Castle-Upon-Tyne, England – 1
York, England – 1
Manchester, Englad – 2
Liverpool, England – 2
Stratford-Upon-Avon, England – 1
Oxford, England – 2
Cambridge/Ipswich, England – 2
London (day trip to Cantebury) – 4-5

Going from London to Amsterdam
Amsterdam- 4
Brussells, Beligum – 2
Paris (day trip to Versailles),France – 4
Bordeaux, France – 2
Granada,Spain – 1
Cordoba, Spain – 1
Madrid, Spain – 2-3
Barcelona, Spain – 2
Toulouse, France – 1
Marseille, France – 2
Nice or St. Tropez, France – 1-2
Milan, Italy – 2
Florence, Italy – 3
Rome, Italy – 3
Naples, Italy – 2
Pompeii, Italy – 1
Venice, Italy – 2
Berlin, Germany – 4
Frankfurt, Germany – 2
Munich, Germany – 2- (Oktoberfest should be going on so I may stay longer.)

Also would it be cheaper to fly out from there or to go back to Dublin?

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4 Month Trip Travel Advice
  Have you worked out the visa issues for a trip this long?  I don’t think you can stay in Western Europe for over 90 days without a special visa.

I definately am going to get a railpass but which one?

Why?????  You’re right that a some sort of railpass is probably a good idea, but why have you decided it’s a good idea for you and for this particular trip?  I’d look at a select pass for France, Benelux, and Germany (where train travel is expensive) and point to point tickets.  You might find that adding Spain and Italy helps, too, but I think it’s more likely that covering Switzerland or Austria (how you’ll get from Italy to Germany) saves more money — although you could maybe find a cheap flight for this leg. can help.  Follow the “i have a good idea of my itinerary” route and click “I prefer purchasing railpsess (to point to point tickets) ‘only when it saves money.’” 

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Actually from what I understand on gov’t websites its 90 days per country. Like I can only stay 90 days in Ireland.. But since I wont be staying that long in any particular country I should be fine. Also about the pass its just from what Ive read and everything It just seems that for atleast the Italy.Spain.France.Germany part of my trip getting a rail pass would be cheaper than paying ticket to ticket. I know what it seems Im clueless in my last post.. But im really not, Im clueless in the since Ive never been there so I dont have actual real experience just from what ive read in books and websites.. but i have already been planning this trip for about 5 years.. I just this past year decided to actually go next year, set a date, and an intinerary. 

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It’s not 90 days per country. It’s 90 days for the Schengen zone all combined, and it’s 6 months (I think) for the UK.

So if you visit Germany, Italy, France, Austria, for example, – you do not get 90 days in each, but 90 days combined in total, as all of these countries are in the Schengen zone. Several countries joined Schengen recently, so double-check which countries are in and not.

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New Member
Eurotrip Points: 16
Member: 7094
Joined: 01/13/2008
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Oh ok, I didnt completely understand the how long I can go.. But if thats the rule Ill still be fine because Ill be in the Ireland/London area for about a month then the rest for 3 months so I will still be fine.