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5 days - Sicily or Malta?
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Hi everyone — been awhile since I’ve checked in, hope everything’s going well around here.

I will be in Florence for work in early July, and have 5-6 days free once I’m finished. Was thinking of heading south, potentially to Malta or Sicily. I’ve been around northern Italy a fair amount, so wanting something new. Looking for recommendations. This will be a solo trip, so probably more interested in sightseeing and relaxing than in more romantic countryside jaunting. Can anyone suggest reasons you might go to one vs. the other? Malta has always been a place I’ve wanted to go (for some reason), I’m just not sure if there’s enough going on there to make it worthwhile. Thanks!

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Hi Delfro, I wish I could speak having had some experience, and maybe someone else will step in.
I haven’t been to either destination.

I too have always wanted to visit Malta, it has a sort of mystique about it and the medieval history sounds interesting. If you’d rather relax and sight-see than jaunt through the countryside, Malta might indeed be the better choice, but I understand your concern about having enough to do. There is also Gozo and it might be quite relaxing (and Sicily itself is very close by.)

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I have not been to Sicily, but have heard great things about its beauty and the hospitality of the people. However, some of my friends went to work on Malta and they don’t really like what they saw, people are rude and quite money oriented…. So I would choose to travel to Italy – or Sicily rather than Malta…

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As per my opinion Sicily will be good one.

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