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6-7 Days in France and Spain
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I am newbie to this forum. I am visiting UK in October for 2 weeks. I will stay with friends in UK and we are planning to go for 6-7 days in France, Spain and even Portugal.

I am looking for suggestion on my trip and transportation. Here is my initial idea:

1. Fly from London to Paris, spend 2 days
2. Take train from Paris to Barcelona, spend 2 days
3. Take train from Barcelona to Madrid, spend 2 days
4. Take train from Madrid to Lisbon, spend 1 day
5. Fly from Lisbon to London

Shall I buy a regional train pass? Any other interesting places along the journey? I wouldn’t mind to spend extra day if there is a better plan.

Thank you.


I have budgeted $1500 for 7 days
Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon
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I think that you are trying to do tooo much in too little time. In a week you can only go a few places, or you will be spending all of your time in airports or train stations. It takes about 13 hours to travel from Paris to Barcelona by train. From Barcelona to Madrid you can take the high speed train (at a cost), and get there in about 3 hours, or the regular train and it takes about 9 hours.

So what are the top place that you want to go to… Paris… Barcelona… Lisbon? You might need to tighten up the trip a bit, or see if you can add some more time to enjoy your time abroad.

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I too think you are trying to do too much in 6-7 days…..if you would really like to visit only the cities….you can perhaps make it to two cities (eg. Paris and Barcelona)…..however, in my opinion you would waste time in travel…since these are far apart…..another option is selecting one city and visiting interesting places around the city….couple of daytrips….

if you would like to visit Portugal….you can probably spend a couple of days in Lisbon and Sintra….and then make a quick trip to the south (algarve)…..Portugal is amazing and certainly deserves 6-7 days…..

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Waaaay too much in the time frame you’ve given. Jumping from big city to big city isn’t really travelling IMHO. Since you’re flying from London I’m assuming you live in the U.K. which means you can go to Paris for a weekend anytime you want. Personally I would cut Paris, and Portugal, fly into Barcelona and limit your trip to 4 or so cities in Spain

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I agree with the others, remember that the actual moving from place to place takes time, too.
I too would probably cut Paris and Lisbon. You could do a really nice Spain trip.

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Hi all,

Many thanks for your valuable input. Now i realize it is too much to travel with little time I have.

Now I will plan my 6-7 days trip for Spain. So, I will spend more time in Barcelona and Madrid. Is there any other interesting city / places nearby to fit in my trip? Also, what is the worth visit places in Spain? Do you guys have short trip guide to cover Barcelona, Madrid and Segovia?


I have budgeted $1500 for 7 days
Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon