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I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this into…but here we go!

When I was living in Spain back in 2007, I had a pay as you go phone from Vodafone. I still have it with me in Canada (for sentimental reasons only, lol).

Is it possible to reactivate it this summer when I go back to Spain? Has anybody ever done this before? I am assuming that my old number that I had has since been de-activated and I must now either re-activate it at the store or buy a new pay as you go phone (which, at 35 euros, isn’t the end of the world I guess).

Should I pack the phone? What do you think? Worth a try to go to a Vodafone store, or not?

Any comments are appreciated Smile


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Meh, you got nothing to lose, so give it a try. I used friends’ Vodafone sim that had gone inactive about 6 months in Portugal. I just had to pay 10 Euros which was applied to top-up. But 4 years… I dunno.

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Over the years with my Vodaphone phones in Spain I’ve had to:
1) Buy a new phone
2) Buy a new SIM
3) Just turn it on and use it

Just take it and see what happens.

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This is a GREAT thread!!!! Lots of good information! We should make it a Sticky!

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