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Accomodation in Hamburg
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[=“times new roman”]I’ve just visited one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Hamburg. Once in your lifetime you have to be there. I was so impressed of the Alster (river), the thousands of bridges and the harbour. The only disappointing thing: my accommodation. OK, it was a hostel, but I think even there you can expect just a bit comfort. In the night, drunken kids screaming stupid techno songs, in the daytime pissed staff and disgusting food. And not to forget, I was an age reaching anything like a subway or a bus. Nevertheless, this should not darken my view of Hamburg. Above all, I saw a lovely new hostel in the middle of Hamburg which hasn’t opened yet. But the façade is very neat and remarkable. A huge pan is on the outside. It’s named “city packers”. You can find some pictures under [/][=“times new roman”][/][=“times new roman”]. And, best of all, it’s right next to the central station. A friend told me, that this was a former Art University. So probably it’s even from the inside worth watching. Next time, maybe and hopefully… What are your experiences with hostels in Hamburg?[/]